Dear Friends,

Since Roe was overturned, and due to the dramatic threats of violence against pro-life groups and figures, I increased security measures last week as I spoke in Pennsylvania at two powerful events. As you can imagine, private security gets extremely expensive for a homeschooling mom. 
I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Jane’s Revenge, the radical pro-abortion terrorist group that is threatening to do far worse than attack pregnancy centers and pro-life activist groups with spray paint and firebombs.

Before last week’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade, the group vowed “open season” on those who help women in crisis pregnancies keep and care for their babies.

Now, they’re threatening to “hunt down” pro-lifers, and make their lives “a living hell.” So ridiculous! 

Please help us during this exciting and yet turbulent time as we stand front and center of rescuing the preborn! 

For years, major cities in the United States have experienced the violence of antifa terrorists who deliberately seek out conflict with the police and target small businesses and government buildings for vandalism, looting, and attacks.

Now, however, J
ane’s Revenge is declaring war on regular, everyday, law-abiding and entirely peaceful Americans who simply work to make sure that abortion is not only illegal, but that it’s not necessary.

The clinics they’ve targeted, from New York state to Oregon to California to Vermont, offer free services to women who choose to keep their babies. Abortion is still perfectly legal in these states, by the way, and will likely continue to be so for some time.

Pro-life pregnancy centers and activist groups like our ministry offer hope, life, and resources for women in crisis pregnancies who want to keep their babies.

Not only does this radical pro-abortion group want to make sure that women can abort their babies, they’re willing and even eager to use violence to ensure that women can’t keep their babies!

How sick and twisted is that?!

I have been fielding a lot of media requests from news outlets wanting to give a massive amount of airtime to the prolife topic. This is amazing, and I am so honored to be able to represent your voices as I step into the media discussion across this nation. However, that also means I am getting a lot of exposure right now as well.

Now, we know that God will always have the victory, but if we are going to continue to work to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary, I would really appreciate your help.

There are many confused, misguided, and wildly angry people out there who would love to attack those of us who do not shy away from speaking the truth about abortion — and while my confidence is in Christ, it is clear people like me need to take extra steps to protect ourselves right now, as sad as that is.

Now is the time that we need to be working harder than ever to minister to expectant mothers who need love, support, and the Gospel to safely bring their children into this world, and we refuse to back down from doing so.

We will not be deterred from protecting the lives of women and their babies. Please help us stay safe in this exciting yet turbulent time as we stand boldly for the protection of the preborn! 

Thank you so much. We pray for you and yours! 🙏🏻

For Christ and His children,

Elizabeth Johnston

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