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The latest from the International Finishing Trades Institute.
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Third Party Courses & iFTI Sponsorship

iFTI and LMCI took action to provide assistance to our affiliates. After reviewing the finances, programs and operational plans, the trustees voted unanimously to cover the costs of Third Party distance learning courses in our Learning Management system (LMS) through September 30, 2022.
If you need more information about third party courses, refer to the LMS ticker. To navigate the LMS and learn more about the courses, please review the Programs of Study.

Degree Program


Columbia Southern University has both Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Occupational Safety and Health.

The  A.S. degree program consist of 60 credit hours to graduate (Major Requirements: 27hrs and General Education + Electives: 33hrs).

The B.S. degree program consists of 120 credit hours to graduate (General Education Requirements: 30hrs, Major Requirements: 39hrs, Program Electives:18hrs, Open Electives: 21-33hrs, and Concentration: 12hrs).

If you would like to get started, please reach out to the International Finishing Trades Institute ( for more information.

Rosetta Stone

The iFTI has partnered with Rosetta Stone to build fluency and confidence to speak new languages. Rosetta Stone is dedicated to changing people's lives through the power of language education. Rosetta Stone helps all types of learners read, write, and speak several languages through their immersive bite-sized curriculum and engaging mobile app.

Empower yourself or your family members to speak and work confidently across language barriers, with industry-specific lessons and vocabulary. To enjoy this benefit, contact your Director of Training (DOT) to approve and send your registration. There is a limited number of licenses available. Registrations will be processed in the order received.
Send To: or use the LMS Contact Us link
Email Title: Rosetta Stone Registration
Email Body:
Please register the following to the Rosetta Stone course.
Full Name: <Insert>
Member ID:<Insert>
Email Address: <Insert>
District Council: <Insert>
Language: Select from the 25 languages available on the Rosetta Stone website.
Once you have been enrolled in the course, you will receive an email with instructions on setting up your profile.
To access your Rosetta Stone account:
1. Go to
2. Enter your Email address and Password.
3. Click Sign In.


ICD High Performance Coating + Chemistries is a manufacturer of water-based coatings, resins, and chemicals serving the architectural, automotive, solar, and decorative/protective coatings industries. Their most popular product is OPACI-COAT-300®, a water-based silicone coating for the architectural glass markets, specifically for spandrel and interior wall cladding applications. ICD has provided iFTI with training resources that are now available in the LMS.

The resources are found in GLZ 5407 Spandrel and Architectural Panel Systems (Student and Instructor Access). In the course, three new online lessons have been added. The Resources tab has several instructor materials that can be used for training. Three Opaci-coat certificates of completion are also automatically assigned to the user upon completion of the online course.


OSHA 10 Spanish/OSHA 30

Issue #1: OSHA 10 instructions and survey are in English which is challenging for non-native speakers.
OSHA 10 enrollment instructions have been translated to Spanish. Added the best practice to change the LMS language to Espanol to better help them navigate through the website.
NOTA: Para cambiar el idioma del sitio web, puede ir a la esquina superior derecha de su LMS y hacer clic en el ícono del globo terráqueo (cerca del ícono de la campana). Haz clic en Español.
The OSHA 10 Spanish course evaluation is still in English and cannot be changed at the moment. We have escalated this to ClickSafety for review and revision.
Issue #2: Unable to view or click OSHA 10 or 30 enrollments.
Fix: If the course is not listed or grayed out under the Enrollments widget, this is a sign that the enrollment expired. OSHA courses are only accessible 6 months after the start or initial click of the online lesson. OSHA, ClickSafety, and Red Vector do not extend the expiration date. The course has to be reset which is considered a new enrollment with a new fee.
Status: Resolved - sent reminder
Issue #3: OSHA 30 is not completing after finishing the online modules and passing the exams.
Fix: ClickSafety sent a new version of the course and has been uploaded in the LMS. All identified users with a passing course have been manually completed. The new version fixes this issue and has been assigned to new registrations.
Status: Resolved

Harassment Course Updates

All Sexual Harassment courses in the LMS have been updated. iFTI sent out reminder emails to current users to complete their enrollments before the upload of the new versions.
The generic harassment course is COR 1001 Sexual Harassment* with Spanish and French versions. We also offer employee and employer courses which can be state-specific. Currently, Canada has its own version together with California, Connecticut, and New York-specific versions of the Harassment course. There are 13 courses available in the LMS. Check the listing below for your members or apprentices.

  • COR 1001 Sexual Harassment*
  • CAN 1001 Harassment Discrimination and Workplace Violence Prevention* (Canada)      
  • SPN 1001 Empleados (US Federal) – Prevencion del Acoso para Los Empleados*
  • FRE 1001 Le Harcelement la Discrimination et la Violence au Travail*
  • C09 1001 New York Harassment Prevention*
  • COR 1047 Supervisor Harassment Prevention (US Federal)*
  • SPN 1047 Supervisores (US Federal) - Prevencion del Acoso para Los Supervisores*
  • COR 1253C California Supervisor Harassment Prevention (AB1825) (CERTIFICATION)*
  • SPN 1253C Supervisores (California) - Prevencion del acoso para los supervisores de California (cumple con AB1825) (CERTIFICATION)*
  • COR 1254 California Employee Harassment (SB1343)*
  • SPN 1254 Empleados (California) - Prevencion del acoso para los empleados de California (cumple con SB1343)*
  • COR 1255 Connecticut Harassment Prevention*
  • SPN 1255 Prevencion del Acoso (Connecticut)*
Please note: Conducting anti-harassment training is a compliance requirement of the new 29 CFR 30 regulations. Contact Dan Hink at if you need additional information.

Updated and New Courses/Lessons/Course Materials as of Q1 2022

For the past month, the iFTI Curriculum department has uploaded new courses,
updated eLearning lessons, and added new course materials in the iFTI Learning Management System (LMS). For your reference, view the alerts on the LMS homepage.
January Course Updates
February Course Updates
March Course Updates
Some of the new courses added to the Vubiz third party course bundle include:
COR 1255 Connecticut Harassment Prevention* (2 hours) - This Harassment Prevention Training [Connecticut] online training course is designed for all Connecticut employers and employees (including supervisors). Sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discrimination are damaging to organizations, employees, and society at large. This training will give employers, supervisors, and employees in Connecticut a greater understanding of harassment and illegal discrimination, how they can be prevented, and the processes to follow when a complaint is made. This course has a Spanish version and described below:
SPN 1255 Prevención del Acoso (Connecticut)* (2 hours) - El acoso y la discriminación ilegal le están haciendo daño a las organizaciones, los empleados y la sociedad en general. Esta capacitación le dará a los empleadores y supervisores y  un mayor entendimiento sobre el acoso y la discriminación ilegal, como se pueden prevenir y el proceso a seguir cuando se presenta una queja.
COR 1208 The Effective Manager* (2.5 hours) - Effective Performance Feedback - Providing effective performance feedback is an important part of your role as a manager. This e-learning module will give you an understanding of the importance of performance feedback. Informal performance feedback is provided on an ongoing basis. A more formal process is the annual performance review. We will outline the stages of a performance review, and show you video clips of performance reviews in action. Finally, we will provide you with strategies for ensuring that your feedback is constructive and effective. Additional online lessons include Effective Approaches to Employee Discipline and Doing Performance Reviews.

COR 179 Hot Work Safe Practices* (30 Mins) - This Hot Work Safe Practices online training course is designed for employees involved in hot work - i.e. any work using open flames or sources of heat that could ignite materials in the work area. Learners will be introduced to the fire triangle and other fire characteristics; safe work practices for hot work; roles and responsibilities of the individuals involved in hot work; and hot work permits. This course has a French version and described below:

FRE 179 Pratiques Sécuritaires Pour le Travail a Chaud* - English Translation: Hot Work Safe Practices (30 Mins) - Ce cours de formation en ligne Pratiques sécuritaires pour le travail à chaud est conçu pour les employés participant à des travaux à chaud, c'est-à-dire tout travail utilisant des flammes nues ou des sources de chaleur susceptibles d'enflammer des matériaux dans la zone de travail. Les apprenants découvriront le triangle du feu et d'autres caractéristiques du feu, les pratiques de travail sûres pour le travail à chaud, les rôles et responsabilités des personnes impliquées dans le travail à chaud et les permis de travail à chaud.
If you need more information about third party courses, refer to the LMS ticker. To navigate the LMS and learn more about the courses, please review the Programs of Study.

Unite Demo

During the LMS Task Force meeting, our IS Director provided a demo of some Unite features which have been part of the District Council wish list. Here’s a link to the demo.


OSHA-NIOSH-CPWR Evento de la Campaña Nacional de Prevención de Caídas:


Uso adecuado de los sistemas personales de protección contra caídas


Jueves 7 de abril a las 2:00 PM ET (1 hr)

Michael J. Rivera, Administrador Regional, Región III de OSHA

Jose H. Herrera, Especialista en la Seguridad y Salud Laboral, Dirección de Construcción de OSHA
Daniel Ramir, Director Ejecutivo, Centro de Seguridad para Trabajadores Latinos, Latino Worker Safety Center (LWSC)
José Orlando Fernández Avilés, Gerente de Seguridad, Lord Construction Group, Inc./Instructor, Atlantic OSHA Training Center, Universidad Ana G. Méndez en Bayamón, P.R.

Las caídas son la principal causa de muerte relacionada con el trabajo en la construcción, pero no tiene por qué ser así. Todas las caídas se pueden prevenir. 

Inscríbase en el seminario web de la Campaña nacional de prevención de caídas para aprender cómo organizar o asistir a eventos enfocados en la prevención y obtener capacitación en el uso adecuado de los sistemas personales de protección contra caídas.  

La capacitación incluirá consejos sobre
  • el tamaño del arnés, la selección del anclaje y el amarre  
  • las medidas que se debe tomar si un trabajador queda suspendido con el sistema personal de protección contra caídas activado

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