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The latest from the International Finishing Trades Institute.
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iFTI LMS Phase 2 Webinar

The iFTI Curriculum team conducted the Phase 2 webinar on April 29th attended by all District Council representatives. The webinar:
  • Addressed top questions/escalations since Phase 1 launch.
  • Introduced the new My Learning Path widget.
  • Reviewed the Groups enhancements and how it relates to the My Learning Path widget.
  • Suggested new setup in class rosters and online enrollments.
  • Provided resources in the LMS homepage (slider, alerts, Help, and search), My Communities widget, and Documents widget.

For the webinar recording,  click here

Foreman Training - Translated in Spanish

During the month of March, the iFTI worked with Idea Translations, a provider of translation solutions, to translate the COR 1201 Foreman Training e-learning module to Spanish (SPN 1201 Formacion para Capataces). While this type of work can be extremely time consuming, Idea Translations was able to use their own language experts and our already developed module in Articulate 360 to translate all text and narration in the current module and republish the module in Spanish. District Council 36 provided Spanish language experts to review and approve the translations side by side with the current English version to ensure the module content remained clear and valid for our Spanish speaking members. 


The iFTI will be looking to provide additional module translations, in Spanish or another primary language for members in certain regions where English is a second language. Focusing primarily on the health and safety curriculum, translation of e-learning modules can ensure a safer workplace, standardized content, fewer communication and on the job errors and even an increase in productivity and employee engagement. SPN 1201 Formacion para Capataces is on the iFTI LMS now.

2021 iFTI National Guideline Standards


The International Finishing Trades Institute’s (iFTI) National Guideline Standards (NGS) of Apprenticeship have been approved by the United States Department of Labor (DOL).  These updated standards include minor changes to the iFTI Programs of Study, based on curriculum committee recommendations. The new EEOC requirements, as defined by the updated 29 CFR 30 regulations, and format changes by the U.S. DOL are also included.

Copies of the NGS of Apprenticeship are available to all DOT’s through the My Communities>Directors of Training and Documents widgets in the iFTI Learning Management System (LMS).  Additionally, iFTI Apprenticeship Program Specialist Dan Hink ( will be available to assist any DOT that is unfamiliar with the update processes.  To find the NGS documents in the LMS, click here.

My Learning Paths Widget


My Learning Paths widget is now available in the iFTI LMS. To enable the feature, go to My Dashboard and click the path icon.

The new widget shows a listing of all learning paths you are enrolled in, and can be used to view and interact with courses that are part of the learning paths.
Your Learning Path is an organized view of your assigned courses which may be categorized by trade, level, or topic based on your District Council’s preference. It displays your progress, along with information on due dates for learning paths you are enrolled in.

As we transition to this new feature, it may seem that some of your courses are missing. If enrollments are not showing on My Dashboard, follow the steps below:

1. Enable the My Learning Paths widget by clicking the path icon

2. Refresh page (F5).

Your courses can now be accessed through the Enrollments or My Learning Paths widgets.

For more information, please contact or check the LMS homepage slider and alerts.

NACE International & SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings are now AMPP


NACE and SSPC have united to serve the corrosion prevention and coatings industry and advance the future of materials protection and performance under a new name: the Association for Materials Protection and Performance - AAMP.

In the LMS, SSPC and NACE courses have been renamed to AMPP and the descriptions have been updated with new links and sources.
To access the documents in the LMS, click the AMPP Document instructions.
You can also check the link for Frequently Asked Questions.



An email was sent out on April 12th regarding the new and updated courses/resources for the month.  A ticker is also available on the LMS. Some of the highlights for this month:
COR 1049 Presentations that Work in a Virtual Environment* – This online training course includes tools and techniques to help you determine what the virtual audience wants and needs, methods to gauge their needs, and a structure for organizing and formatting a good presentation. You will learn that for virtual presentations, the preparation is actually similar to traditional live presentations.
SPN 1201 Formacion para Capataces – Establishes the role of a foreman in maintaining safety and maintenance standards on the job. The students will learn the importance of properly performing personnel functions in accordance with union agreements and company policies while creating and maintaining open communication and working relationships with coworkers, supervisors and other tradesmen.
Here’s the list of new courses.
  • COR 1254 California Employee Harassment Prevention (SB1343)* - Replaced online lessons - Now part of the Vubiz bundle.          
  • COR 1232 Coaching for Better Performance* - Part of the Vubiz bundle.
  • SPN 1217 Comunicaciones de Negocios* - Part of the Vubiz bundle.
  • SPN 1201 Formacion para Capataces
  • SPN 1260 Manejando el Estres*- Part of the Vubiz bundle.
  • C21 1143C MEWP Operator Training (Classroom-DC 21)– Placeholder, no content
  • C36 1143C Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) (Classroom-DC 36)– Placeholder, no content
  • C36 1158 Personal Protective Equipment (Classroom-DC 36) – Placeholder, no content
  • COR 1233 Project Management: The Basics* - Part of the Vubiz bundle.
  • COR 1155C Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) (CERTIFICATION) – Placeholder, no content
  • COR 1049 Presentations that Work in a Virtual Environment* - Part of the Vubiz bundle.
  • My Dashboard>My Communities>Director of Training Group>Documents/Discussion
  • COR 1159 Back Safety*
  • FRE 1145 Sensibilisation a Lamiante*

REDVECTOR SUNSET COURSES                        

The RedVector bundle is no longer offered. Affected courses have been locked as of December 31, 2020. The Curriculum team have removed all online lessons and replaced them with Vubiz courses, if available. The Red Vector bundle has also been removed from the Programs of Study and Third Party List. If you need more information about the third party courses, please check the LMS article.

Check the LMS ticker to view the summary of changes.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Take a moment to visit and find resources to share with fellow members or others in your life who may need a helping hand.

New Resources on Falls, Struck-By Incidents

In support of Falls Stand-Down and Struck-By Stand-Down campaigns, CPWR added new infographics on topics such as Working on Existing Decking and Best Practices for Safe Crane Lifts and conducted a series of webinars that are now available on demand. Learn more about each of these leading causes of fatalities and injuries at either the Stop Construction Falls website and our Struck-By Hazards web page

Preventing Opioid-Related Harms in the Construction Industry

Cora Roelofs, Christopher Rodman, Richard Rinehart, and Chris T. Cain. NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, 2021. Read the Key Finding.
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