SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

Make it simple, but significant.

Hey <<First Name>>,

I bet you know that the title is a quote from Don Draper from Mad Men.

Okay. I didn’t either but I had to find something to set up this newsletter and how it is about to delve into good design...and football.

No. Stick with me. I can do this.

Ya see, every time I go for a drive I have to pass the Comfort Inn on Pantops. They recently redid their logo. It looks like this:

But it wasn’t just the design of the new logo.

It felt familiar. (More familiar than Room 234, where I met that “professional” for a game of Strip Uno.) After the last drive, I quickly went home and popped open my (ahem) Internet Explorer.

My searching skills soon lead me to learn why my mind was fumbling for closure.

Of course, this was the same as the ironically, also new, Rams logo. And the Bills are about to play them this weekend! Those years of hallucinogenics hadn’t numbed my keen Billsie Senses!

There must have been some sort of special on “Curved C-shaped Logos.” They seem to be all the rage. But you keep thinking “The Rams had a most marvelous logo! Why the hell would they change it?”

I think with you, my fellow CBBBer. I really do.

Maybe there was some sort of municipal ruling that all Los Angeles teams had to reference L.A. and have a  C in their logos? I mean, look at the Clippers (Braves!)?

Maybe this new Rams logo is temporary, like a Covid-19 face mask covering a cooler logo.

I say this because before we got the Ram Horn helmet, the boisterous bovines (are they bovines? I feel sheepish not knowing.) had this as a logo:

I swear. This logo happened waaaay before Snoop-Dog.

Sounds like logo changes are where it’s at now. This could be how we fix 2020.

So...maybe... even though the Bills will be keeping their logo... maybe the CBBB should jump on-board this logo re-evaluating trend?

I found a website called that promised to help us accomplish our new logo in a few easy steps.

It was easy! I didn’t have to upload our formal, Jeffersonian-building logo at all. I had to give our name (which wouldn’t fit so it became abbreviated), say what our favorite color was (blue), and identify a theme (sports).

This is what came back as our new logo:

She’s a beauty, huh?!? Well, if we were Phallic, Badminton fans from Space.


Maybe they know something. Maybe the reason we haven’t won “The Bills Backers’ Chapter of the Decade” is because we need to add more S-E-X to our logo....and badminton? Maybe it’s an inside joke and we are flipping our collective “birdies” at all the other Backers? (And you thought I was going to make a “shuttlecock” joke, didn’t you?)

Lots of logos try to combine things. Look at this group below. They combine dancing with dairy products!

And before you go off on some torrid rant about “today’s morals and Millennials blah, blah, blah...,” I present this fine alternate logo from the Boston Red Sox of the 1950s:

Oh crap... I really went off the rails on this one, huh? I didn’t even talk about the game. I said I would. I said I could bring design and football together for this newsletter.

So here... take this with you:

Stupid Rams and their Stupid New Logo. I hope we crush them.

This would have honestly been so much easier and shorter if we were playing Cleveland.

Windedly yours,

PS: We are meeting again this week at Firefly! 1PM start on Sunday. You know the drill: RSVP on our website with your name and guests you are bringing. As of this writing, we have 15 people who are already signed up. If you miss the Saturday NOON deadline, Boylan Heights will have you covered. Remember to wear your mask at all non-eating, non-drinking times. Kitchen stops serving at 3 PM.

PSS: I really, as a Buffalonian, shouldn’t be making fun of the Rams logo. Mainly, because of this:



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