OCTOBER 29, 2020

Oh to be a fly in the window

Hey there <<First Name>>,

Many of you, this time of year, where the days are warm and the nights are cool, close your windows in the evening. Every once in a while, a fly gets caught in that no-man’s (fly’s) land between the screen and the glass.

All night long the fly sits there, unable to “fly” off to another house or unable to come inside and sit on your ham sandwich. The fly thinks “Is this all there is?”

That’s a pretty big thing for a fly as they only live mere days.

Then the morning comes and you open the window. The fly, relieved, zips past you and heads for your wife’s bran muffin... and she kills it with a leather flyswatter (Seriously. My wife has a leather flyswatter. I don’t know why. It’s not for me... but I have noticed some flys wearing assless chaps.).

As a Bills fan, we are that fly.... well, before the death scenario and with hopefully appropriate pants.

We have been sitting between the screen and the window lately...not knowing if the Bills are a great team or just a team that can make the playoffs.

Unfortunately, I am not sure anyone opens the window for us this week. Normally, I would say that the Patriots are our ham sandwich. We eat them and then we know life is good buuuut.... (Wait... did I just say eat?... I meant beat.) 

This year that ham sandwich is not very good. It’s missing it’s cheese and the mustard is the plain, yellow kind. This used to be the GHSOAT (Greatest Ham Sandwich of All Time) but now it’s just a normal Oscar Meyer variety ham sandwich...on white bread. Stale white bread.

Ahhh...screw it.

This is a stupid metaphor. Basically, if we beat the Pats this week, we will feel good because we beat the Pats...but we won’t feel great because they kind of suck...a lot... like a baloney and cream cheese sandwi....never mind.

We won’t know a damn thing until we play Seattle next week and for that I will have a Sasquatch metaphor...except not all of you will see it.

Go Bills.

Here’s a great side note: Not only do the Pats suck and can’t have any fans in their stadium, they have a giant shopping mall around their stadium with stores that are going out of business and restaurants that are failing. This was once the nicest thing in Foxborough...and now it’s slowly becoming crud...and if you have ever been there you know that Foxborough makes Kazakhstan look like Vegas. So more suffering for the Krafts! Yay!

Anyway, we will be watching at Firefly this week again. We hope your can be there...

The important thing is that YOU MUST RSVP to attend. Game time is 1 PM! We are limited to 30 people.

If you are intending to bring a spouse, significant other, friends, Raid...please indicate such in the RSVP form on the website.

RSVP’ing will close at Noon (EDT) sharp on Saturday, October 31st.

From windowsill,


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