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Mutterings of the Moluccan Cockatoo Committee: Ginger, Nutmeg and Rhetta

     “So, Rhetta, how come you are not living in your cage anymore?” asked Ginger.
     “I don’t feel like it, and no one is going to make me!” retorted Rhetta.  “I am old, I was caught from the wild, and I feel I have earned the right to sit on top of the room,” she continued. “Besides which- I don’t cause any trouble.”
     “Well, then why were you having a fit about Roscoe being in your cage?” demanded Nutmeg.  “I saw you trying to nip at him through the bars.  I call that trouble.”
     “It is still my cage, even if I don’t want to live in it.  It was very rude of the people to put him in there," huffed Rhetta.  "Roscoe will just mess up my décor and play with my toys!”
     “Get a grip, Rhetta,” Ginger sighed.  “You can’t have it both ways!”
Bird of the Month Feature:

Tootie and her human, Tom

     A poignant highlight of the Open House on Earth Day April 22 was the reunion of Tom and Tootie, an 11-year-old Goffin Cockatoo.  Tootie came to Siesta this past winter while Tom was having significant family  and heat issues in an old house.   
     Tom and Tootie are very close and were together 24/7 at his home.  She made the transition to Siesta easily.  She did not show signs of depression and has been quite busy in the kitchen on top of her cage. 
     At the open house, she was a big hit throwing plastic syringes and fluttering when they were caught.  She loves people and goes readily to anyone who wants her.  She cares not a bit about the other birds, either ignoring them or hiding from them.
     Tootie was holding court in the kitchen with a crowd of admirers when Tom arrived.  When he spoke to her, she immediately flew to him and smothered him with kisses.  They snuggled a long time. 
     It is still unclear whether Tootie is a permanent resident or a long term visitor; it depends on Tom’s situation.  But it is clear that she and he have a very special bond.  We look forward to more visits from Tom!

Challenge of the Month-
Power Outages

     We recently endured a 26-hour power outage that severely taxed our good humor.  Mostly mine.
     When we first went into parrots in 1999,  we invested in a generator.  Fritz connected all the essential circuits to it  - heat, water, some lights, fridge, etc.  But since then we have grown! 
     Over the weekend we had extension cords all over the place: running a fan for some ventilation in the big room, some lights for the darker parts of the small bird room, a cord to run the aquarium in the sunroom, etc. 
     We have a bigger generator now and the equipment to put most of the house on it, but there are the issues of inertia (not a problem when the power is on like the Arkansas traveler and roof!). 
     There is also the challenge of finding the time to figure out the circuits and get them hooked up.  Each time this happens, this project advances up the priority list!
     Any electricians out there who could help?

Sanctuary News

Our Earth Day Open House was a great success.  We welcomed old friends, made new ones and even recruited new volunteers to our flock.  Here’s the WABI-TV5 coverage.
Community Matters More by Bangor Savings Bank
Well, we didn’t hit the top $5,000 but we still sure do appreciate the $1,000 we did get.  Many, many thanks to all who voted for us!
Raffle tickets are still for sale for the drawing of Justice, a red-tailed hawk, and a batik quilt.  Tickets for Justice are $5 for one, $10 for 3 and tickets for the quilt are $1 for 1 and $5 for 6.  If you do this online, please indicate which items you are requesting tickets for (Justice or quilt) and include your snail mail address so we can send you your ticket stubs.  The drawing will be at the end of the next Open House, Sat. Aug. 4, at 5 pm.  Good luck!


For parrots who pluck their feathers or self mutilate.  Easy to customize to your bird; inexpensive enough to replace when destroyed!  Order at and pay through the donate button. Colors: pink, orange, blue, green.  $6.00 for one or 3 for $15.00.  Include your snail mail address for shipping.

Upcoming Events

  • Aug. 4, Sat- Summer Open House, 1-5 pm. At 5 pm we'll draw the winning raffle tickets for Justice and the quilt!  Buy yours now
Please donate- we rely 100% on private donations
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