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This is a reminder that the application for summer are due on April 1. Please read this email for details on the process. We know you may have some uncertainty about what our summer semester will be like we have anticipated some of your questions. Visit our website for COVID-19 FAQs. If your particular question is not answered, please contact us. Please visit our website for complete details on the readmission process and considerations for returning from different kinds of leaves.
  • If you need to request an extension, please contact us at
  • If you recently took a leave, please note you do have to apply by the deadline. You may still see your accounts active because your leave is not fully processed, but you do still need to apply.
  • If you have already applied, be sure to check our website for the required documents and have those sent to us.
If you aren't ready to return yet, no need to worry.  We will be here when you are ready.  If you have already reapplied you should have received a confirmation email at the time you submitted your application.  However, this newsletter may still be helpful to you.
J. Louis Trzepacz
Dean, Student Success
Contact your Class Dean
Should you have questions about your return it is a great idea to schedule an appointment with your class dean to discuss your return.

Katelyn Newsham | Students beginning in 2018
Claire Gonyo, Ph.D. | Students beginning in 2017
Isabel Norman | Students beginning in 2019, 2016

Parents/family members with questions may contact the deans as well but we'd like to speak with you first.  If you aren't sure whom to contact, please contact our main office at 

Schedule and Appointment
Mark your Calendar
Applications are due the same date each year by semester or intended return. We recommend applying early for priority consideration.

The Summer readmission deadline is April 1. Notification date estimated: May 1.
The Fall readmission deadline is June 1. Notification date estimated: July 1.
The Spring readmission deadline is November 1. Notification date estimated: December 1.
Documenting Your Away Activities»

You and your Class Dean or the Health Center may have made a plan for possible activities you will engage in while away. Depending on the reason for your leave any number of activities may be appropriate.  Here are our general suggestions.

You took your time.
It is recommended that students on a leave of absence remain away for enough time to sufficiently address the reasons for their leave, typically a year. If you were academically dismissed or suspended you have a mandatory time you must be away, likewise, if you are on an approved health leave. If you aren't sure, you can contact ALAC or the Health Center for details.

You got the help you needed.
We strongly recommend seeking support from family, friends, and formal treatment from doctors, therapists, etc. as appropriate. If you did receive formal treatment germane to your leave you are required to submit the readiness to return form to the Student Health Center.

You took classes.
We require final transcripts from all institutions attended while away be sent to us either digitally or by mail. You can find out more about transfer credits here.

You worked, engaged in new activities, pursued vocational counseling.
Depending on the reason for you leave you may choose to work or explore new possible majors and careers.  Please request a letter of reference from someone who can speak to your general work habits be sent to our office.
Reasons for Unsuccessful Applications»

Each year nearly 300 students apply to return to Rensselaer from leaves of absence and we strive to maintain a high acceptance rate which averages at 95%.  Below are the common reasons an application for readmission is denied.  More information on the process, requirements, and the application are available on our website. Please note that readmission is at the sole discretion of Rensselaer.

Application received late.
We are very flexible and if you need more time please contact us.  With that said, applications are processed in the order of receipt so if you are late you will be processed after everyone who put in their application before the deadline. Late applications also mean late notice which may leave you scrambling to register, find housing, and get your finances in order.

Missing Materials.
In the application you will acknowledge that you must submit certain documents.  However, missing materials remains a reason applications are rejected.  All applicants must submit a plan of study.  If you took classes while away, you must send official transcripts to our office.  If you received treatment germane to your leave, your provider must send the readiness to return form to the Health Center. While we try to contact you if something is missing, it is your responsibility to ensure you sent it.  Missing material will also delay your decision.

Holds on your account.
You are asked to review your accounts and ensure there are no holds which would prevent us for reactivating your account before you apply.  If you apply, and there is a hold on your account, we will notify you. As a courtesy we give you 14 days from notification to have the hold removed.  If it is not removed the application is denied.  Holds are view-able from the SIS student screen.

Your activities while away or your application don't address the reason for the leave.
If you and your dean decided that taking 12 credits while away was your plan and you don't do that, you will need to explain that in your application.  If you take classes and earn grades below a C we may decided not to readmit you. If your leave was for personal health reason and you don't address those in the application or provide documentation to the Health Center you may be denied. In all instances if you change your activities while away, a discussion with your Class Dean is recommended.

Student Success Resources »

For additional information please visit:

Readmission Website
General FAQ
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