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Hello friends,

Just wanted to update you on some changes to the newsletter going forward!

Over the past few months, some Granola subscribers have asked me about using Substack in some form. They like the idea of being able to interact with each other's comments and thoughts. I love that idea, too! When I started this newsletter, my goal was to foster community—and this seems like an important next step in that process.

I've used Mailchimp primarily because of familiarity, and because I like its layout and design options. But as I've investigated Substack as an option, I've gotten more and more excited about it. 

I am moving over all newsletter subscriptions over to Substack, but will keep the monthly newsletter free (as per usual). So you will still get September's monthly newsletter in your inbox in a few days, with nothing changed. But now, instead of exclusively emailing me your thoughts and responses, you can—if you desire—comment directly on the newsletter post over at Substack, and interact with others' comments as well.

One other change I am implementing is to offer paid subscriptions for bonus newsletter content. I am starting graduate studies at Oxford University this fall, which will be a big change for our family and our schedule! (I'm pursuing a 9-month MSt program in English, so we should be back in the states next summer.)

For a while I thought about postponing Granola during that time. But I love putting this newsletter together. I love the opportunities it's offered for good conversation, prayerful dialogue, the sharing of wisdom, and respite (at least for me) from an often fraught and frustrating news cycle. I love the thoughtfulness you all bring to reading and interacting with these posts—this newsletter has, far and above, a higher engagement rate than most. And that is all thanks to you.

That said, putting Granola together has also been a time-consuming endeavor. As a mom of three children aged five and under, and as someone working toward a graduate degree, it would be a tremendous gift (and relief) to receive some revenue from this newsletter. I have some incredible Patreon supporters who've given to this project without receiving any extra perks or rewards, and I am so thankful for them! But going forward, I am hoping to offer some optional subscription possibilities to those who might be interested in supporting Granola. More frequent posts (when I can manage them), as well as the Zoom author events and yearly (hopefully, eventually, twice-a-year) book club, will be subscription-based.

Substack requires me to set a $5-a-month minimum subscription. But I really don't want to prevent anyone from participating, if they are unable to commit to that much. So I have two other options, if you want to continue participating in the book clubs and Zoom webinars going forward! 

This is a 60% discount, so that you'd only be paying $2 a month (never expires). 

This is a 100% off coupon (also never expires). 

(If you don't care about book clubs and webinars, you don't have to do anything—you'll keep getting the free newsletter at the beginning of each month.)

Over the past week, I've spent some time moving over my entire newsletter archive to I invite you to go check out the new website, and to offer feedback via email if you'd like.

Thank you again for subscribing, and for making this newsletter, and this community, a reality! 

I am a writer, bookworm, mother, gardener, and sourdough fan. I've written a book about the farm community where I grew up in Idaho—it's titled Uprooted: Recovering the Legacy of the Places We've Left Behind. To quote C.S. Lewis, "You'll never find a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me."
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