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Hello friends, 

Thank you so much for joining our webinar discussion yesterday! I hope you enjoyed it. It occurred to me, as we discussed the book, that Jack is perhaps the perfect book to ponder during Advent: a season of expectant waiting, of darkness and "not yet" as we wait for light to come. 

I'm so grateful to each of our speakers for offering such wonderful insights into the book. Thank you to all those who emailed in questions, or shared them via the Zoom Q&A.

If you missed the Zoom webinar, you can watch it below via YouTube.

You can follow Tiffany Kriner on Twitter at @rootandskyfarm, and on Instagram @rootandskyfarm. You can follow Sarah Clarkson on Twitter at @thoroughlyalive, or on Instagram @sarahwanders

If you have any followup questions—or would like to share book club recommendations for the future—feel free to email me!

— Gracy 
Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in!
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