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"To study maintenance is itself an act of maintenance. To fill in the gaps in this literature, to draw connections among different disciplines, is an act of repair or, simply, of taking care — connecting threads, mending holes, amplifying quiet voices."
Shannon Mattern

Why does maintenance matter?

Often the answer is obvious: reflected in the streets on which we walk, the bridges we trust, the hospitals our loved ones depend on, the bus or train systems we use to get to work.

Yet the work of maintenance often slips under the radar. Maintenance is postponed, ignored, and deferred. We prefer to talk about innovation, or disruption. Our society rarely values the maintainers and caregivers who make our neighborhoods, our homes, and our infrastructure stable and reliable.

Tuesday, June 22nd at 12 PM (EST), Leah Libresco Sargeant and I will interview Lee Vinsel and Andrew Russell, authors of the book The Innovation Delusion.

We will discuss about rust and grime, aging and decay, and the work that holds our world together.

We'll talk about the ways in which deferred maintenance harms the marginalized and underserved.

And I hope you'll ask plenty of your own questions about maintenance and care!

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