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Welcome to reading this newsletter which focuses on:

  • six interns that have chosen to contribute to EXIST’s work
  • Global Freedom Summit - an international information campaign on 17 October
  • EUROPE IN MY HEATRT - a preventive movie shot on Istedgade and in Nigeria
  • Help Nigerian women get back to life!

Happy reading! - and enjoy the colourful and refreshing autumn!

Interns at EXIST

Six interns from Copenhagen University College are in an internship at EXIST for 10 weeks. Here they will gain knowledge of one of the three biggest criminal acts in the world today: human trafficking. They get real close to the subject when they meet the women on their shifts at Night Light Café, where they are part of the team of volunteers. Furthermore, they focus on making the Danes aware that human trafficking also exists in Denmark, by, among other things, walking on the streets with leaflets and ready for a chat. Meet the interns and read about why they have chosen to be an intern at EXIST.
Meet the interns
Global Freedom Summit

When we participated in Walk For Freedom 2019
Due to Corona, the event Walk For Freedom is held online this year under the name Global Freedom Summit on Saturday 17th of Oct. 2020. The aim is to create a global awareness of human trafficking, and there are already more than 1.000 participants in 56 countries joining. If you wish to be part of it, join the Global Freedom Summit.
Join the Global Freedom Summit
... Is a preventive movie, which aims to inform about what can happen when Mr Dollar visits the village and promises the world. It follows the village girl Charity, who is told that there is a better life in Europe, a life where she can earn a lot of money, enough to support herself and her family at home. But that doesn’t happen! After years on the street, she is left traumatised and unable to find another way to make a living.
Watch the movie
Support us in helping women back to life!

We who have the resources can give the women who don't, the push that they need to get back on track. Imagine, if together we could offer safe communities where talent, potential and dreams can grow.. Imagine, if we could contribute to tomorrow's ambassadors in the fight against human trafficking. Imagine, if a push in the back could create independent women that can give the push on to the next. EXIST has set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe where you can give a push to the women who need it.

Specifically, you support these three areas:

  • 37 women get rehabilitated
  • 9 employees continual upskilling
  • 3 safehouses gets renovated
Make your contribution
Thank you for your support.
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