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    - Conference for interfaith leaders in Nigeria
    - Two new interns from Copenhagen University College
    - Walk For Freedom 2021

Conference for interfaith leaders in Nigeria
Konference for åndelige ledere i Nigeria

EXIST and MeCAHT, in collaboration with the Lutheran Church in Nigeria, initiated a two-day conference for interfaith leaders in Abuja. The guests were 20 national leaders from the Muslim network and 20 national leaders from the Christian network - each network was represented by 10 men and 10 women.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss how interfaith leaders collectively can take responsibility for informing and preventing the fastest growing crime in the world, human trafficking.

There were short presentations, followed by a dialogue where everyone had the opportunity to participate. The conversations were characterised by mutual trust and respect - and the most frequently asked question was: …so how do we do something about it? 

Within the next few months, a group of five people will present a proposal for two booklets with propositions for:
      - What does the Qur’an say about human trafficking, and what will Muslims do about it?
      - What does the Bible say about human trafficking, and what will Christians do about it?

The booklets culminate with teaching material that can be utilized in mosques, churches, schools, youth associations, etc.
There will be a follow-up on the conference in the spring of 2022.


Two new interns
Meet our newest inters from Copenhagen University College, Mads and Marcus:
Mads - praktikant

"Hello! My name is Mads, I am 25 years old and an intern here at EXIST. On a daily basis, I study emergency and risk management and I am also an active member of the association FDF in Brønshøj, with an interest in sports, religion and the world around me.
The reason I chose EXIST for my internship was that it caught my interest, as I had limited knowledge of human trafficking and I found it strange I had heard nothing about it. Throughout my internship, I have gained a lot of new impressions and insights into the work that EXIST does. The Night Light Café makes a difference for the people who are involved and come to the café and therefore, I think it is important to support it."

Marcus - praktikant“My name is Marcus, I am an intern at EXIST while attending the Night Light Café. The subject of human trafficking is a huge problem that does not get its place in the spotlight.
I chose EXIST for my internship due to the exciting work and topic that EXIST works with, and here I found out how ignorant I was about human trafficking and how big a problem it is in the world. The Night Light Café is an exciting way to do some "field" work by going out to the women who are on the street, here you can already feel on your first shift how happy they are that you get out in all kinds of weather to talk to them and offer them some tea or sweets"

Walk For Freedom Copenhagen

Walk For Freedom

There are more slaves in the world today than ever before in world history, this is the reality of human trafficking. That is why A21 has created the annual event, Walk For Freedom, to bring awareness to the problem. Quite practically, it is a protest, where registered participants will walk in a long line through Copenhagen - dressed in black in silence. Walk For Freedom will take place in more than 200 cities around the world. It is free, and everyone can participate, however for security reasons, registration is required.

When: Saturday, October 16, 2021

Where: Matrikel1, Højbro Pl. 10, 1200 Copenhagen


10:30 - Arrival 

11:00 - Info about human trafficking in the world and in Denmark, and how Walk For Freedom proceeds

11:45 - Walk For Freedom

12:45-13:00 - Freedom declaration and group picture


Click on the button to read more about the event and register for an event near you on A21’s website.

Register here

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