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The corona virus is a global threat that affects us all – and women who have been through human trafficking are no exception.

In this newsletter you can read more about the consequences of the pandemic on our work in Denmark and Nigeria and what we all can do to help Nigerian women in this difficult situation.

Night Light Café is currently closed
Our night café has been closed since the 11th of March at the same time as the Elias Church, where the night café is located. As soon as possible the night café will open its doors once again and welcome the women – and we are looking forward! :)

The women that are usually coming in the night café are especially sensitive to carrying and passing on the corona virus because of their vocation. We unfortunately have very limited possibilities to contact the women without the night café.

But to show them that they have not been forgotten and that they still have a sanctuary when COVID 19 has loosened its grip on society, we will seek out the women in the night life and give out TOM TOM – Nigerian candy that usually brings joy.

Picture taken at Valentines Day at Night Light Café. We look forward to events like this when we can open the night café again.

Safe houses need food because of the coronavirus
In Nigeria the restrictions are stricter than in Denmark which means that people are only allowed to leave their homes in order to buy food. This also has consequences for the 10 safe houses that we are cooperating with.
The safe houses normally receive donations from local families, neighbors and
churches in the form of food. This can be tomatoes, rice, eggs, onions and bread. But COVID 19 has meant that the Nigerians are forced to care for their own families first and therefore the donations have almost stopped.

Even though the women cannot leave their homes in order to go to school, work or do their internships they continue their daily lives as good as they can. And our employees still provide counceling, training, social activities and take care of daily chores – as well as they can under the current conditions.

In order to feed the 250 women that live in the 10 safe houses our local partner organization MeCAHT has started a fundraising campaign in Nigeria.

The women and the staff at the safe houses continue with their everyday lives as good as they can despite the lockdown.

But Denmark can help too!
Help us support 37 women in 3 safe houses.
The cost of one month's stay at a safe house for one woman is 600 DKK.

Send your support via Mobile Pay 965227.
It can be 50 DKK, 100 DKK, 150 DKK, 200 DKK or any other amount.

THANK YOU for your support!

We hope it has been inspiring for you to read this newsletter  
– thank you for your interest. 
If you want to know more about EXIST you can visit our website,
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EXIST is making a holistic effort against human trafficking. We prioritze the following three focus areas:

  • Advocacy through awareness and preventive information activities
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Capacity building and competence development.

Feel free to contact Project Manager Karin Kjærgaard: / 0045 40 14 34 35.

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