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Spoiler: there are no cons.
Tech needs to be more inclusive
Following the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society last week in Paris, which I was lucky enough to attend, I have some brief and simple thoughts on inclusion: The Tech world needs equal representation. 
Is technology closing the Gender divide or making it worse? Are we going towards a utopia or a dystopia? As technologies become more sophisticated and more embedded in daily life, the timeline for ensuring they are inclusive is shortening. Yet, such questions mask the fact that we all very much have a role to play in this decision, should we be given a chance to get a say.

The Tech world needs equal representation. It needs it to avoid feedback loops within the digital ecosystem which may amplify biases. It needs it because if one is content with the power dynamics at play, one will likely create technologies which are likely to strengthens it. It needs it because the digital world plays a zero-sum-game, and that all should inspire to be "tech shapers" instead of "tech takers".

A.I, for example, strengthens biases and exploits flaws in human behavior not because it is evil, but because it may not know any better based on the data available and the coefficients coded. This begs the question: how are we getting input on these coefficients? Input with regards to ethics? How do we make sure we do not give Silicon Valley the reigns on this, with their values which have every right to be challenged?

We must not let the digital world repeat the mistakes of the analogue world. When designing, deploying, maintaining and using the technology, all the stakeholders should be represented in a way which ensures their safety with regards to these potentially dangerous algorithms.

This is the right thing to do not only ethically, but also economically, and so the whole world over.

I'm a young, straight, white male : society dictates you must listen to me. Don't like it? Change society. I'll be the first one to hand you a lollipop. 
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