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As positive developments in markets and pandemic
As positive developments in market and pandemic conditions appear finally underway, the relief is counter tempered as we now confront the most severe military conflict in Europe since WWII as a consequence of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Once again, the U.S. and its European allies, including Sweden, play an important role in the fight for democracy as it takes an unprecedented stance against this unprovoked aggression in the form and scale of economic sanctions and aid. The degree to which effects on global economies will be felt is to date an unknown but undoubtedly significant.  
On March 10th in Stockholm, the 19th annual Executive Women's Conference features a diverse list of today's top executive women and organizational leaders sharing their insight and thoughts on the power of female networking.

There is a special, vibrant energy that evolves when you bring people together - and for real. When you get to meet, listen, learn, share moments and become inspired. It is a feeling of hope and togetherness, and it is something we are finally allowed to experience again.  

With society opening back up, we think it is time we Reconnect & Recharge - by once again bringing brilliant and fantastic women together into one room. A room where we jointly can create that special, vibrant, feeling of togetherness and celebrate the importance of networking. The 19th annual SACCNY Executive Women’s Conference will dive deep into the power of female networks – knowing the importance of meeting, inspiring and sharing experiences with each other. By opening the floor to a diverse set of participants, we will hear from known, and up-and-coming speakers, sharing their opinions and lessons learned. How can individual experiences inspire a generation of women? How can we together create the networks we desire? – and most importantly, help each other grow? Join us for this extraordinary conversation!  

Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so secure your place for the March 10th summit today!  

Top news from SACCNY's community of members and beyond.
MATERIAL | We are excited to announce that Post-it® App has won the prestigious Material Design Award! Post-it® App is built by Swedish agency and SACCNY member Bontouch, on behalf of 3M Company in Minnesota. The Material Design Award is given to the year’s best-in-class design for Google platforms and honors the people who make them. Post-it® App is the winner in the category Motion, that celebrates digital products that come to life through elegant animations, making the complex feel simple through dynamic and personal experiences.
GIBNEY | USCIS will continue using its electronic registration process for fiscal year (FY) 2023 H-1B cap season. The registration period will run from March 1 through March 18, 2022. Should any member companies have any foreign national employees that they may wish to sponsor for an H-1B lottery registration, please reach out to the SACCNY team and we would be happy to put you in touch with an attorney. 

JOHAN WAHLSTROM | Georges Bergès Gallery is pleased to announce "The Past Is Not What It  Was," a Johan Wahlstrom exhibition that reorganizes the sociopolitical project of art itself. The exhibition is on view from March 10 through March 30th, 2022.
REUTERS | Swedish electric carmaker Polestar has partnered with suppliers including Germany's ZF Friedrichshafen and Swedish steelmaker SSAB to speed up the development of a car entirely free of carbon emissions. The carmaker said it has signed letters of intent to work with Norwegian aluminum maker Norsk Hydro, Swedish airbag and seatbelt maker Autoliv, LG Corp lighting and electronics unit ZKW Group, ZF and SSAB to eliminate carbon emissions in different areas of its electric vehicles.
NYTIMES | Russia-Ukraine Crisis Shakes Markets, but Long-Term Outlook is Better
Global markets typically rebound from war and disaster, and they are likely to do so this time, too. But Russia's nuclear arsenal raises the risks beyond calculation. President Vladimir Putin of Russia has already rattled stock, bond and commodity markets around the world.

THE GUARDIAN | Ukraine Fighting to Stop 'a New Iron Curtain' after Russian Invasion
Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has sad his compatriots are fighting to stop "a new iron curtain" falling across the country after Russian forces launched a huge and long-dreaded invasion that has sparked fears of the biggest war Europe has seen since 1945. 
GATEWAY MEMBER | We are proud to welcome All Ears to Gateway, SACCNY's innovation and co-working platform! All Ears monitor and measure the new spoken media landscape with full coverage. Their tool tracks and analyzes millions of podcasts, YouTube-  and TikTok channels.
GATEWAY MEMBER | We are also excited to welcome Inex One to the Gateway community. Inex One is a knowledge management platform. They provide a service that manages all your expert network interactions in one place.
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NYTIMES | After months of troop and tank buildups, of grim warnings of violence and vague assurances of peace, and of efforts at diplomacy in Washington, the halls of the United Nations and the capitals of Europe, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began early Thursday morning, with shelling and rocket attacks on several major cities including the capital, Kyiv, and dozens of deaths.

REUTERS | The United States kicked off its biggest ever sale of offshore wind development rights in an area covering nearly half a million acres off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. It is the first offshore wind lease sale under the administration of President Joe Biden, who has made the expansion of offshore wind a cornerstone of his strategy to address global warming and decarbonize the U.S. electricity grid by 2035. 
BLOOMBERG | U.S. consumers do not expect red-hot inflation levels to last in the long term. That is the takeaway from data analysis by six co-authors including New York Fed President John Williams, who was listed as a co-writer in the regional Fed's Liberty Street Economics blog series for the first time. The authors drew in part from the January consumer survey from Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which showed that the median one-year-ahead inflation expectations fell for the first time since October 2020, to 5.8%. The outlook over three years dropped even more sharply, and the decline was broad-based across age, education and income. 
NYTIMES | The Swedish government lifted most Covid restrictions in February. The move adds Sweden to the growing list of European nations, including Denmark and Norway, that are scrapping pandemic protocols even though new cases continue to soar in Europe. Starting on Feb. 9, there will be no limit on how many people can gather at restaurants, sports stadiums, and other events, according to Lena Hallengren, the minister of health and social affairs. People will no longer be required to work from home. And travel restrictions on visitors from other Nordic countries will be relaxed.
WSJ | BlackRock and Warner Music have invested $750 million in a fund to amass music-rights catalogs from female and diverse artists, according to people familiar with the deal. The fund, in partnership with music investment and management firm Influence media, is taking a novel approach to the frothy market in a bet on younger songs.
NYTIMES | Dozens of songwriters and producers in Stockholm make a living from K-pop - even if they cannot speak Korean. While Swedes have long been go-to figures for North American pop stars - with songwriters like Max Martin and Shellback producing or co-writing tracks for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, the Weeknd and others - Swedish musicians are now becoming a force in K-pop, too.
WSJ | Can Quebec's Dams Power New York City? Blackstone Is Betting $4.5 Billion on It
Construction is expected to begin this spring on one of the largest renewable energy projects in New York since Niagara Falls was harnessed for hydropower more than a half-century ago. By late 2025, a 339-mile high-voltage transmission line is expected to deliver enough hydropower from Quebec's remote forests to supply about 20% of New York City's needs.

NYTIMES | Biden Administration Promises to Buy 'Clean' Industrial Materials
The Biden administration will set out a strategy for buying "clean," lower-emissions steel, cement, aluminum and other industrial materials for federal agencies and projects, part of its effort to reduce carbon emissions from industrial manufacturing. 

REUTERS | U.S. Unveils Tool to Direct Green Investment to Disadvantaged Communities
The White House has launched a beta version of a tool that will be used to determine where to invest billions of federal dollars to bring energy and infrastructure to disadvantaged communities, a key step in fulfilling a promise by the Biden administration to prioritize environmental justice.
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