Can a movie help me write my book?

Short answer: yes and no.

Movies are very abrupt, instantaneous, and overwhelming at times. Movies have the benefit of showing us certain things that take pages in books. Like setting. In a book, we have to really think about all the spatial, visual, and detailed elements of a setting and make sure we describe it in a way that paints a picture in our readers' head. 

Considering such differences and disadvantages, using movies for story and writing research is a bit tricky. While studying characters, conflict, and plot, movies work fine. But, you are challenged to pay more attention to details that aren't necessarily pointed out to you the way they are in books. 

Also, movies won't help you with the craft of describing those things. It shows it to you, but it doesn't help you see how you should describe it in your work--how to have that same effect on your own audience. Meaning, you see everything happening at once, but when you write, which details are key? Which angle should we imagine? Et cetera.

I do recommend using movies to help you with your visuals and plot development. However, I would be careful with things beyond that. Remember, the movie shows us chapters in seconds and minutes. You have to be very intentional in a book and make sure you give full feature development along the way. It takes much more time and less convenience than a movie does.

Interestingly enough, I wrote an article looking at some movies that can be expanding into books. Maybe it can help you piece together some developmental considerations.

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