Some of you have been following me from the very beginning of Teetering On Wisdom, and I really do appreciate it. But even if you haven't, I'm sure most of you have some kind of knowledge of my working to be an author. 
Well, I've finally did it!
In November, I published my first poetry book, and I'm publishing my first romance on January 3rd, 2020! My dreams are coming true, Guys! And, I don't think I can keep it up without you all.
I want to invite you to follow me as an author.
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I hope you’ll allow me to provide you amazing stories about love with my novellas and real life (like mental illness, identity, and relationships) with my poetry. If you’re interested, just click the image!
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Oct 24, 2019 07:30 am | Ania Kiplan

You did a thing. Yeah, a THING! A BOOK! You WROTE one! And, it’s going to get published–traditionally or independently–doesn’t matter; it’s going to happen! Get excited. I’ll wait. Once you’ve caught your breath,...

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Naturally, we start writing a book, or even finish our first draft, and we immediately look at publication. While that make sense, there are many things that go into publication–especially self-publication–that will come crashing...

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Okay, I’m sure everyone remembers the carpet on the floor in younger grades, right? Whether you did morning and afternoon routines there or games. Almost for sure, we all got to hear a story...

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Jul 11, 2019 09:57 am | Ania Kiplan

Last time, I had 20 awesome ideas of what to put in your writing journal. Everything from research notes to dossiers to inspiration and every variation in between. Essentially, everything you need to write...

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Jul 04, 2019 07:32 am | Ania Kiplan

Just like genres, there are things we take for granted when developing stories. It’s probably that modern-day mentality—even more so if you’re American. We assume that when we write a story, the literary elements...

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