Do you read and/or write poetry?

If you do, then you probably know the joy and release that comes with poetry.

Reading poetry is starting to pick up in popularity with authors like Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace putting their work out there which is much more relatable and readable than Shakespeare for people. But I think people forget about the immense archive of poetry available on Instagram and Facebook. Indie poets are all over social media sharing their work and working hard to get their name out there. Rupi Kaur and Atticus started on Instagram just like the rest of us and look at them now!

You seem like you're rambling here...

That's because I am. Sorry! The point I'm trying to get at is that there are indie poets with books available for you to read and they're waiting for you to purchase their work just as you would Milk & Honey. So, if you're a supporter of poetry from around the world, I want to invite you to a challenge I'm doing where we #buypoetrybooks from indie poets and share our experience with them on Instagram. I started back in February and I've already started my collection of poetry books and I love it so much. Not only do I get to connect with other people who share my same experiences in life as they've depicted through their work, but it also exposes me to more styles of poetry that encourages me to write my own work.

With it being National Poetry Month and all, I figured this could be yet something else you do to celebrate the month. Whether you buy a book from an Instagram poet or even buy one from me, I encourage you to support your fellow authors in their efforts to share beauty and life through words.

My chapbook is a short poetry collection that depicts mental illness symptoms through their nature equivalents. Each just as devastatingly beautiful as the next, it gives those without illness a chance to make sense of what some of us feel on a daily basis. And those with illness a chance to feel understood.⁠
My chapbook looks at the dark side of sin and sanity in a horrific and more physical context. Comprised of poems and prose, I paint dark images of realistic feelings with which anyone can connect.⁠
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