There's so much hearsay about Scrivener as writer software.

It's amazing, from what I understand; but it's also not free. And, you know that poor artist persona? I wear it like daily lotion! I like my free. But, being the heartfelt writer I am, I checked into it.

What did I find? Simple: 

it's ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY awesome!!!

Everything you need to know
to get up and running with Scrivener in ten minutes.

I watched this video here and fell in love. 

• It's computer software and it's an app. 
• It keeps me from having to switch the whole document and screen like I have to with Google Docs.
• It's all about organizing and structuring our work for us!

Just watch the video, you'll see!

Too good to be true though. $99! Dude, that's my phone bill!!! I don't have money like that!

One day, though. One day...

Anyway. I had been hearing about it again lately in a writing community and wanted to share my writer wisdom. 😉

Read more about other writing software--free and not.

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While it’s liberating to impart wisdom unto others, nothing beats learning from others, too. In any case, I feel like it’s an asset to myself and my storyology peers to have a supportive place for us all to communicate on appropriate topics.

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