Welcome to March
It's National Reading Month!

People think of this celebration as one for children, but that's not true.

National Reading Month is for all ages. It's here to celebrate literacy and get everyone reading every day of the month to practice said literacy. Upon research, I found how families could celebrate with children, but I want to offer you ideas on how YOU (as an adult of some kind) can celebrate National Reading Month yourself. Let's see here...

  1. Read everyday. This is a given for most readers, but during this month, really try to make it happen even if only a little bit at a time.
  2. Re-read your favorite books; especially ones from your childhood. See if they have the same vibe for you now that you're older.
  3. Make contact and thank whoever taught you how to read. I think many of our early teachers are still in the classroom or are in contact with someone who is from the school. See if you can get in contact with them again.
  4. Rediscover Dr. Seuss books and see if you can interpret them differently. It's amazing what all you'll find now that you're older.
  5. Join a book club for the month. There are virtual ones on Facebook and Instagram, or you can even start one on your own!
  6. Start/add to your literary bucket list. See if you can make anything on it happen this month.
  7. Do bookish crafts. Go to your local thrift shop and get some cheap books that you wouldn't mind making into cool things.
  8. Stroll through the bookstore (or scroll through bookstagram) and update your TBR list. This would be a great idea to get out of the house with a friend and a coffee.
  9. Update your Goodreads profile with what you have read, are reading, and want to read. They have an awesome scanning feature in their free app where you can scan the barcode or cover of a book and it'll find it in the system for you to add to your "shelf". I love to go to B&N and add to my TBR list that way.
  10. Rearrange your bookshelf/library. You can go alphabetical, Dewey Decimal, color-coded, or many other ways.
  11. See if your local library is doing anything interesting; most offer activities for all ages.
  12. Start/update your reading journal. Check out my blog post on what to include in your journal for ideas.
  13. Attend a virtual book event. This could be a book festival, book launch party, book reading, or even just a virtual gathering of fellow book lovers.
  14. Read aloud with a loved one. I loved doing this with my students and would even have them help me with the voices for different characters.
  15. Write book reviews. Hopefully, you do this already when you read a book because it's so important for authors. But if you don't or you haven't in a long time, maybe you can go back and review books on Amazon, Goodreads, and other places where you buy and review books.
  16. Sign up for book mail. Get in on the subscriptions to get books and merchandise sent directly to your door.
  17. Swap books with a friend. Maybe they have a book you want to read or vice versa, swap with each other for the month and get your read on!
  18. Hit up all the bookstores/libraries in your state. For those of you more inclined to travel, this will give you an excuse to find more books and get out of the house.
  19. Make playlists for your favorite books. This will keep the book in your head whenever you listen to that playlist. Plus it's really fun to match up music with literature.
  20. Talk with your librarian. See if (s)he has any ideas for you for national reading month. Talk to booksellers, too.
That's about all I can come up with! I suggest you do several of these ideas if not all of them if you can! Have fun with month and make it a literate one whenever you can. And bring us along on the journey by sharing your pictures and ideas with us on Facebook or by using the #teeteringonwisdom hashtag on Instagram.
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