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So here it is - our first CS Track newsletter - helping grow Citizen Science in Europe!

We are sending you this newsletter once a month as part of our campaign to help everyone interested in Citizen Science better understand how Citizen Science projects work and how to improve their results. Our mission is to build a sound evidence base for Citizen Science in Europe and so we plan to share research findings, results of practitioner surveys, performance metrics and analysis and any other information that helps deepen our understanding of Citizen Science as a growing social, scientific and political phenomenon. 
Every month we will be sending you articles from our eMagazine as well as reports, technical notes, and the latest findings of our research team. We will also include news and reports on what other Citizen Science researchers are discovering about topics like what motivates citizen scientists? what communications structures seem to be most successful in Citizen Science projects? how best can activists measure the impact of their citizen science project? and a wealth of other responses to questions that interest anyone wishing to get the most out of Citizen Science. We will also feature specific projects as a way to shed a light on particularly successful strategies.
Help us share what we learn about Citizen Science by inviting your colleagues and co-workers to sign up to this newsletter and send us your own findings, results and recommendations about Citizen Science.

We will be glad to include them!

Latest eMagazine articles

Evolution of academic publications in citizen science

Citizen Science incorporates the general public into scientific research and therefore we might expect it not to have a presence in academic publications. This report analyzes the evolution of scientific publications in Citizen Science.

What are the predominant research areas in citizen science projects?

Are most of the citizen science projects only about environmental research? We answer this question by analysing descriptions of 218 Zooniverse projects using text analytics and identifying the predominant research area.

CS Track news & events

URJC presents Community Platform at Science Education conference

New research article on “Citizen Sciencization” in Environmental Governance published

Research into using citizen science to study urban green spaces published

CitieS-Health’s Citizen Science toolkit

Spreading the news about CS Track

More and more people are getting to know CS Track and what we are about. Now that the project team is starting to create some concrete outputs, we are not being shy about sharing them with everyone. With a significant increase in website visitors and Twitter followers since the start of the year, our first real promotional campaign in support of our major practitioners’ survey in January-February was a real success with over 1000 responses.

In May we will be running three different workshops at the international CitSciVirtual conference as well as sharing poster presentations on every aspect on our work. Plus we will be making our mark at Forum Citizen Science, German’s leading event on Citizen Science as well as co-hosting the BRITEC event on bringing STEM research into the classroom with Scientix, AmgenTeach and the STEM Alliance.

At the same time, we are getting ready to launch an information campaign about our next two significant outputs; our first State-of-the-Art report on Citizen Science and the first results of our Analysis of Citizen Science Practice.
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