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Hardy Happenings
Student Edition: Grades 2 and 3

Welcome to the second Hardy Happenings -- Student Edition! This week we are featuring some of the amazing work created by Hardy 2nd and 3rd graders! We are blown away by their creativity! Thank you for your participation.

Next week we will be featuring work by Kindergarten and 1st graders, so please submit to by next Friday, April 10 at 10 am to be included. Please limit images to two per student.

Note: Make sure you click through to the full newsletter to see ALL of our submissions, sometimes it is cut off in your email!


Compiled by Vibha V., 2nd grade and her brother Nakul V., 4th grade

Q: What did the French Fries say to the slow mayonnaise?

A: Ketchup! It’s Fry-day!

Q: What is a Vampire’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

A: Vein-illa!

Q: What do you call a fire that burns a house?

A: A house warmer!

Q: Why do you tell actors to “break a leg”?

A: Because every play has a cast.

Word Search

By Meghan C., 3rd grade


The Escape Artist

A short story by Claire M., 2nd Grade
We were in Talloires in France. Famous for the lake and high towering mountains! Huff, puff! One day we were hiking up to saint Germain, an old church on the top of a mountain. When it was night, we could see it lit up from our apartment. In 30 minutes we were at the top. It was a great hike! When we got to the top there was a dog outside the church without its owner!! And the dog loved us!! We went into the church to look at the decorations and the dog waited patiently. Then we hiked down. The dog was going with us!! Well it was leading us down!!!! My mom said it probably knew it’s boundaries. We all agreed. Then the dog bounded off the trail to catch a squirrel. 5 seconds later ……..WOOSH ran back to the front. The dog made us stop sooo much to make his mark. Alright I said we should be careful about the road. When we were 20-30 feet from the road the dog found a puddle and slurped it up(yuck!). Then he bounded across the road then waited for me. When it was safe we went. Then the dog lead us to the Priory, it is a Tufts building were my mom works we thought they might know what to do. Now the dog led Keira EVERYWHERE!!! So I had to go alone so the dog wouldn’t go inside the building. I ran up the stairs and asked the staff what to do. One staff came out just when the dog was leaving. Later we were at the beach with our babysitter we saw the dog. Later that week my mom told her students about the dog. Her student said  the dog lives next door and escapes every 3 weeks and he made it back. On the last day we saw the dog at the bottom of the mountain again! Poor dog! THE END

Art and Woodworking

By Nicolas L., 2nd Grade

Nicolas also made a wooden box with his dad and painted it with the New York Mets emblem. Nic plans to keep his books in this box next to his bed. 


I really miss my friends and school. So I hope this article will help you have more fun and feel less lonely.  - Hana Y.

An essay by Hana Y., 3rd Grade

Are you interested in birds? Have you ever wondered why woodpeckers don’t get concussions? If yes, this article is perfect for you. In this article you will learn about woodpeckers. You will also learn  about why woodpeckers dig holes in trees and since we are all locked inside our houses, I will tell you where the best place is to look for woodpeckers when you go outside. So turn to the next paragraph and start reading!

A woodpecker is a bird that usually is found drilling holes in trees. There are about 180 kinds of woodpeckers in the world! They live in forests and woods on 5 of the continents in the world. They usually have black, gray or brown feathers but some have red, orange or yellow markings too. When they climb, their long tails help them balance and grab onto tree trunks tightly, by grabbing on with their feet on their long claws. They can tap against wood up to 28 times per second! The birds have strong necks so they do not get tired. Woodpeckers eat nuts, insects, sap, and other foods. Some woodpeckers live in hot, dry lands called deserts and eat fruit from the cactus. When it becomes spring, the mother lays the eggs in a tree by drilling a hole with their beaks. The mother and father keep the eggs warm. Then the eggs hatch and out comes the baby woodpeckers! Then they start their long process of the mother bringing food to the baby woodpeckers and the father guarding them. They are really caring parents. When they are fully grown they learn to fly and fly off to their own adventure!  

Have you ever wondered why woodpeckers don’t get concussions? If yes, your question will be answered right now. The reason why Woodpeckers don’t get concussions is because woodpeckers are hard-headed birds. Another reason is because they are meant to peck holes in hard trees.  A famous person called J.B.S Haldane wrote that you can drop a mouse into a really really really deep hole. It will fall down and when it reaches the bottom it will get a little shock and walk away but if a rat does it will get killed and a person will get broken. The last reason why woodpeckers don’t get concussions is because the space that is needed to keep their long tongues when they are not using it, the extra bones for the space actually stabilizes the brain.  So this is the ACTUAL reason why woodpeckers don’t get concussions. It is because a woodpecker has a small head so the brain of the woodpecker is pretty tight in the skull and it is also much lighter. I hope you understood that the reason why woodpeckers don’t get concussions is because their heads are much smaller and lighter.

The reason why woodpeckers drill holes into trees is for many different reasons. One is because they build their homes for their babies in the trees. The second reason why woodpeckers drill holes in trees is because the Acorn woodpeckers peck holes in the summer to save food for winter. But the main reason why woodpeckers drill holes in trees is to look for food. When they do this, they peck a hole and use their LONG tongue to take the bugs, insects or nectar by their tongue that is like a spear! Woodpeckers also drill holes because they are trying to attract a mate. You should now feel relieved  that your question is answered!           

Now I will tell you some good Tips and Tricks. One Tip and Trick is that since schools are all closed in Arlington I will tell you where the best place is to look for woodpeckers. Even if all the nature centers are closed, the bike path is a really good place to look for woodpeckers! (make sure you keep a safe distance). So the next time you are bored you should ask your parents to take you there. 


Amazing Animals: Woodpeckers

Backyard Wildlife: Woodpeckers

Tech from Nature:Woodpeckers to Helmets

This video is really interesting! Don’t miss it!! 



A poem by Úna Ó M, 2nd grade

Week End

All cooped up

At home

No school

No friends

All cooped up

At home

Nothing to do





Just nothing

To do

Plain boring


Drawing Lessons

Hello Hardy,

I hope you are all okay! This could be a long time away from school but if we personal distance and do what else we're supposed to do then we will all be fine! I have been doing a lot of homeschooling and playing tons of soccer. 

I did this Mo Willems thing where he teaches you how to draw the Pigeon from the Pigeon books and Gerald and Piggy from the Gerald and Piggy books and that was pretty fun! Check it out HERE.

From, Liam G., 3rd Grade


Crafty Art

Saturn String Art, created by Ben R., 3rd Grade


Sock Puppets Trixie and Taylor, created by Margo S. (3rd Grade). Margo tells us they are friends but they do not have to maintain social distance with one another


St. Patrick Day Rainbows, by Connor C. and Meghan C., 3rd grade


An essay by Eli C.L., 3rd Grade

What Is Robotics?

The only form of robotics is as robots. That’s why it’s called robotics. Robots have a lot of parts on them. That is why they can do so much. You have probably seen robots before. Have you ever seen a remote control car? That is an example of robotics. The first thing I want to talk about is how robots get power.


The main way of getting power is from batteries. Most common types are AA and AAA ‘s. AA’s are more common than AAA’s. Most remote control cars have AA's.


How do robots detect when they're about to crash into walls? They use sensors. Sensors are robot senses. Buttons are sensors. Things that detect color are sensors. Things that detect distance are sensors.


Robots use motors to move. There are small motors, there are big motors, that are medium size motors, there are basically every size motor. Different motors have different speeds and power. Bigger motors are more powerful but slower. Smaller motors are faster but are less powerful.

Signal Transmitting

Now you know how robots move, but how do they know where to move? How do they know what is happening on the remote? They must use sensors, right? Well, they do, but they use radio waves to detect what's happening on the remote. The remote sends signals, and the car picks them up. Then, the car changes the signals into something that can tell it how to move.

That is what robotics are and some stuff about how it works. In the next section you will learn more about how it works and what you can use to make your own robots!

Want to keep reading this essay about Robots? Click here!

Drawn by Pete B., grade 2.


A story in progress by Charlie L.M., 3rd Grade

Chapter 1: BOOM!
My day started out kind of  crazy, because I had just been on any old walk when I heard a loud boom that startled me and my neighbors dogs who ran out of their house, into their yard and rammed straight through the fence. And I of course was left standing there with absolutely no idea that they would run me over. And as soon as I got home and finished tending to my wounds the doorbell rang. So of course like any normal Tyson wood I opened the door and found myself staring at the most peculiar thing I had ever seen in my life. 

Chapter 2: Collin
It looked disturbingly like an overgrown onion that a litter of  cats had shed on top of and it had four eyes That kind of reminded me of the Illuminati. He had three little eyes and one big eye. The small eyes were arranged in a triangular shape and the one big eye was in the middle. Oh, by the way my name is nick and i’m fourteen years old, but let's get back to the story. The thing did something so amazing: it said “hi” in a rather cute voice. “uh, hi?” I said “I don’t mean to sound rude, but what exactly are you?”

“I’m a Galorian, what exactly are YOU?” he asked me in his strangely cute voice 

“I’m a human!” I say knowingly “I mean, isn’t it obvious?”

“No,” He says back.

I sigh “Just tell me your story.”

“Ok, so I was happily sleeping on my planet, galor when suddenly, my planet's gravity reversed and I hit the ceiling and woke up then got knocked out again because I broke through the ceiling. I’m not sure what happened after that, but what I do know is I just woke up here in your so-called back yard.

Chinese New Year

Essay and art by Dahlia M., 2nd grade



Kiran B. (2nd grade) has been enjoying doing origami. Take a 6X6” square piece of paper and follow the directions below to make a swan.


Arthur O. (3rd grade) has taught himself how to do Star Wars Origami by watching videos from Tom Angleberger (Author of the Origami Yoda series) at .

Here's an example of some Star Wars characters he made acting in a video game.

Fun Creations!

A puzzle and clay food created by Beatrice F., 3rd Grade


The Adventures of Penelope the Pickle

A short story by Ellie P., 3rd Grade

In a factory down a twisted road, eyes snapped open. Penelope the Cucumber had awakened. As she stood up she knew something was wrong. She was sitting in a glass bottle. As she rubbed her eyes, she saw unfamiliar shapes floating around with her. As she looked back at the bottle she saw her reflection. She was green and bumpy. She, she was Penelope the Pickle. As she cried her sour tears she wondered how it had all happened. Last night she had been sleeping with her family. Then she remembered that she needed to save her family. She started to punch the top of the jar. Boom! The top of the jar popped off. Penelope ducked out of the way of the wave of pickle juice. She saw her family approaching the picklenator. She ran toward her family but slipped. But luck was on her side. She still made it and pulled her family out of its reach just in time. She was Penelope the Super Pickle!

To be continued.......

Art and Poetry

Art and poetry by Alisha V., 2nd Grade



Art by Vibha V., 2nd grade


Art by Emilia S., 2nd grade

Pedro Martinez

An essay by Andre K., 3rd Grade

Pedro Martinez is one of the best pitchers ever!

Pedro lived in a small shack in the Dominican Republic when he was young. Pedro would train every day by throwing rocks at ripe mangos in the mango tree behind his house. 

Pedro is ranked in the top 50 players ever (according to Joe Posnanski’s articles in The Athletic.) Pedro won the Cy Young award three times and had many amazing seasons. His best season was 1999. He won 23 games, got 313 strike outs and had an ERA (earned run average) of 2.07! Pedro averaged 243 strikeouts per season!

During Pedro’s career he was on 5 different teams:

7 years with the Boston Red Sox,

4 years with the New York Mets,

4 years with the Montreal Expos,

2 years with the Los Angeles Dodgers and 

1 year with the Philadelphia Phillies.

During Pedro’s whole career (18 seasons) he struck out 3,154 batters! Pedro was elected into the Hall of fame in 2015.

Nature Walk Art

Julia M. (3rd grade) drew a picture of all the bunnies and other animals that she has seen on her daily walks/scooter rides.

Science Experiment

Cooper L. (3rd grade) is doing an egg drop out the 2nd floor window of his house. In this picture he and his brother Tucker are building contraptions that will (hopefully) protect the egg from breaking. They are still in the building and testing phase.

Lots of Activity Ideas!

Jeremy W. (3rd grade) went on a 5 day adventure in Shutesbury with a family friend. He made a walking stick and saw a beaver lodge!


Jeremy followed a ChopChop (kids magazine for cooking) recipe for banana bread and made bread on his own! Ummm umm good! Jeremy and his mom built raised beds and are getting ready to plant them with the seedlings they planted together.


Jeremy also made a video game using Scratch, with his Dad.

Trixie, Taylor and the Water Slide

A story by Margo S. (Grade 3)


Three Poems

By Ben L., 3rd Grade

A Breeze in the Sky

A Breeze in the Sky

What a Wonderful Thing.

A Breeze in the Sky

As it Blows by.

Sit on a Cloud

Feel the Breeze in the Sky

And Look as the Birds Swoop By.


I Love Food

I Love Food

From Pasta to Noodles

From Cream Cheese to Cottage

Bananas, Burgers, Hotdogs and Bar-B-Que

Candy and Pastries to Sweets Galore

Me and My Dinner Go Out the Door


When I Fell Out of a Tree

When I Fell Out of a Tree

I Got Stung by a Bee

So They Tested me for Bee Stingery

When there was no Stingery, He Said to Me

You are Free to go Climb a Tree.

Harry Potter Art!

Paloma M. (2nd grade), has been reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with mom. Here she has illustrated the events of the first chapter. Paloma explains, "Harry is fighting off dementors with no idea why they are there! His patronus is a stag."


Casey H. (3rd grade) is showing off one of the many Godzilla-themed books he’s been writing and illustrating while home.

Guest Artist: Bren Bataclan
A message from Bren Bataclan, Hardy's Artist in Residence 
Hello Everyone,
I hope all of you are having fun social distancing :) Speaking of that, teachers and parents recently asked me to give drawing demos online as daily activities for students/kids while being indoors. I took their suggestion and I have been recording my drawing sessions for the past week now. Below is today's episode and I also included what's available so far. Oh yeah, please feel free to suggest items to mash-up on future shows on the comments section of the YouTube videos. 


Check out the videos on youtube here!   

Keep It Up, Hardy!

Our community is so strong! Keep thinking, learning, creating, and exploring!

Kindergarten and 1st graders--please send your submissions for the next "Hardy Happenings: Student Edition" by Friday, April 10 at 10 am by emailing Annie Clarke-Lauer at

Thank you!
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