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Hardy Happenings
Student Edition: Grades K and 1

Welcome to the third Hardy Happenings -- Student Edition! This week we are featuring some of the amazing work created by Hardy Kindergarten and 1st graders! We are blown away by their creativity! Thank you for your participation.

Next week we will be again featuring work by 4th and 5th graders, so please submit to by next Friday, April 17 at 10 am to be included. Please limit images to two per student.

Note: Make sure you click through to the full newsletter to see ALL of our submissions, sometimes it is cut off in your email!

Hardy at Home!

Hello! I hope this message continues to find you well and safe at home. I am hoping you will consider joining in on a special project. I have been speaking to our faculty and to our PTO leaders and we are going to launch “Hardy At Home.” It’s a simple thing. We are asking everyone who would like to participate to send a photograph of life at home. Mrs. Rabito and I will collect the photos of the teachers, and our PTO will help with collecting photos from families. We will create a slideshow and share it with everyone. Good wishes go out to everyone who is celebrating this week and next. I wish you well. 

All my best, 

Kate Peretz, Principal

Please click on the video above to see Principal Peretz at home and then click HERE to submit your photos to "Hardy at Home".

Bonus 2nd/3rd Grade Work!

by Nyah A., 2nd Grade


Here is a fun art project:
Take a piece of paper and a few different size round objects like a glass or toilet paper roll. Trace the objects on the paper with pencil. Then take paint and dot along the lines. Have fun! Lotte P., 3rd grade

Coloring and Jumping!

In these last 2-3 weeks, Savi R. (Kindergarten) got really into coloring and learned how to jump rope. He says that jump rope is his favorite sport now!


Awesome Art!

By Jason Lu,1st Grade


By Sahil V., Kindergarten

By Aachal S., Kindergarten


By Willem G., Kindergarten


Self portrait by Camilla R., Kindergarten

Fun Play-Doh Idea!

Sofia S. (Kindergarten) uses Play-Doh to dress up a person!

She also illustrated a book called The Walking Pants


Darwin J., 1st grade, made a maze out of cardboard for her pet rat, Baby Bell.

Science Fun!

Isaac S., (1st grade) made a papier-mache volcano eruption caused by dropping a mento in Diet Coke!


By Juniper L., 1st Grade


Emil P. (1st grade) spent much of last week writing a book about pandas.

Colorful Art!

By Tristan W., Kindergarten


Created on iPad by Josie M., 1st grade


Created on iPad by Genny M., 1st grade


Art by Muhan W., 1st Grade


This is a salt & watercolor painting by Lucie P., Kindergarten.


By Anuva S., 1st Grade


By Ethan W., 1st grade

Question: How do Pikachu play peekaboo?  
Answer: They “pi-ka-boo.”

Question: Why do cows like movies ? 
Answer: Because they like to “move-in” them. 

Question: Where do dogs park their cars? 
Answer: In “bark-ing” lots. 

Collage and Chalk!

Haley M. (1st grade) created this colorful collage and a chalk art project.

3D Art and Writing!

By Ema L., 1st Grade



Space Sparkles by Satsuki N., 1st grade. She made a picture of space using materials available at home such as origami, hair bands, and beads. 


More Art and Writing!

By Sanne K., Kindergarten

Some Easter art that is now decorating our mailbox.

A favorite moment from Mrs Mclelland's reading. It says that her favorite moment was "the stars in the sky." Also below is her favorite moment from a story earlier in the school closure. 

Sports Fun!

Paarth D., 1st Grade 


Ethan W. (1st grade) made an indoor soccer field to play soccer since he really likes to play soccer games. He used some baby food punches and decorated them to be his team players. We had a good time playing it. 

Masks and Logo!

Eve B. (1st grade) is trying out her new face covering, along with the logo she designed and made for her new (home) school.


Can you Solve?

 Created by Nola B., 1st grade


Activity Ideas!

Submitted by Luka R, 1st Grade.

Luka has been having fun drawing MANY Pokemon characters and making cards using cardboard.

He has also enjoyed some fun science experiments like the one below exploring acids and bases with cool color changes! All you need is cabbage and the other common household items found below. 

Red cabbage extract (make by cutting up cabbage, add water and boil for 2 minutes. Strain away solids using strainer or coffee filter): lower left
Plus lemon juice (or orange or lime juice if you don't have lemons): lower middle
Plus baking powder: lower right 
Plus body soap: upper left
Plus bleach: upper right 

A Mouse and a Snowman

Created by Bea O., Kindergarten

A mouse - inspired by her classmate Sophia. 

A clay snowman:


Natasha B. (Kindergarten) drew a picture of her cat Greyson

Art by Nisita M, Kindergarten

Food Fun!

Teddy Anderson, 1st Grade


Jonah G., 1st Grade, learned about why people dye eggs for Easter and made these for his front windows.

Youtube Read Aloud
Click HERE to hear Hank F. (1st Grade) doing a read aloud of Number One Sam by Greg PIzzoli

Keep It Up, Hardy!

Our community is so strong! Keep thinking, learning, creating, and exploring!

4th and 5th Graders--please send your submissions for the next "Hardy Happenings: Student Edition" by Friday, April 17 at 10 am by emailing Annie Clarke-Lauer at

Thank you!
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