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Hardy Happenings
Student Edition: Grades 2nd and 3rd

Welcome to the fifth Hardy Happenings -- Student Edition! This week we are featuring some of the amazing work created by Hardy 2nd and 3rd graders! We are blown away by their creativity! Thank you for your participation.

Next week we will be again featuring work by Kindergarten and 1st graders, so please submit to by next Friday, May 1 at 10 am to be included. Please limit images to two per student.

Note: Make sure you click through to the full newsletter to see ALL of our submissions, sometimes it is cut off in your email!

Hardy at Home: Please Submit by 6pm TODAY!

Principal Peretz and PTO are working together to send out a "Hardy at Home!” slideshow featuring - - - wait for it... you!!

Join in on this fun community-building project for Hardy families and staff.  If interested in participating, please fill out the quick & simple form below and be part of the slideshow featuring what our community members are doing during this time at home! If you missed the video from Principal Peretz last week you can watch it HERE.

Please submit your photos by April 24th at 6pm. To submit photos please CLICK HERE! 

The Peppermint, by Julia M., 3rd grade


The Friends: A Short Film

Click HERE to check out this short film made by Vega P.-M., 3rd grade

Cool Activity!

Gabrielle R. (3rd grade) made some suminagashi paper and here is the end result! Suminagashi marbling is a Japanese paper marbling technique that involves floating sumi ink on water.


Eli C.-L. (3rd grade) has been enjoying watching his caterpillars turn in to Painted Lady butterflies. They are currently chrysalides and should become butterflies in less than a week.




Here is a poem about Coronavirus and the time that the world is in -- Ben R., 3rd grade

C...Coronavirus is not what we were wanting, 
O...of course it had to come!
V...very vicious,’s not delicious but germs are on our thumbs! 
D...Diseases coming, one after the other,  
1...1 year of isolation,
9...9 more days until violation! (not true, hopefully…)

I hoped you liked my poem!

This is a poem about COVID-19 and being home by Lani H., 2nd grade.
School (Home) Life

On weekends, I’m usually 
Woken up by the firelight in my window
That changed
Since crowns
Started to become symbols of bad luck
I’m in love
I’ve set a goal
On shiny greatness incarnate
As for life, flesh, and blood
Our teams have gotten stronger
Sharing our experience kingdoms
And the teeth of the great golden
Were never dangerous to us

A poem by Ben L., 3rd grade

The Coronavirus World

One second at a time,
The world goes by.
Stay indoors, try not to cry.
My mind is screaming "when will this be done".
My parents saying "hang in there hon".
People saying they enjoyed the first day, 
But down deep, everyone's sad there's no school in three weeks.

Awesome Art!

Vibha V. (2nd grade) did this beautiful painting of the Zakim Bridge


Darwin R. (2nd grade) drew this wonderful picture. He says, "This is a picture of a Sky Wing. It is from one of my favorite series of books." 


Race Car by Andre K., 3rd grade

Earth Day!

Lotte P. (3rd grade) picked up trash in her neighborhood for Earth Day!

Casey H. (3rd grade) with the miniature garden he created on Earth Day. He is making and recording daily observations in a science notebook.

Fun Ideas!

Margo S. (3rd grade) made some puppets and a poster inspired by a Dr. Seuss quote.


Nava G. (2nd grade) has been making many aquabeads creations. The second picture of her trying to balance all the aqua beads. :)




by Claire M., 2nd grade

●      Mars is as small as half of earth!
●      Mars’s biggest volcano is three times taller than Mount Everest! That’s a lot!
●      Mars has many storms, dust storms, avalanches, volcanoes, and earthquakes!
●      It takes 8-9 months to get to Mars depending on your fuel
●      Future manned Mars missions are planned for the 2030’s.
●      The first rover to touch any water on Mars is Phoenix.
●      Viking one and Viking two, two small rovers. Were actually built together and launched on the same rocket!
●      One of the Viking rovers sent back the first color picture from Mars. In 1976!
●      In 2013 the Curiosity rover sang “Happy Birthday” to itself on Mars!
●      Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. And Phobos looks like a flying potato!

Penelope the Pickle: Part 2

By Ellie P., 3rd grade

Escape from the Factory 

It had only been a week since she became a pickle. By then she had learned to accept that she was a pickle. Her family was also very understanding. They also warned her about the danger of being a pickle. Someone might want to buy her. Penelope was scared, she did not want to be food. Then the bell on the door rang. A human came in and said, “Hello I would like a pickle please.” Please not me Penelope thought to herself. But her luck was not good today. She was picked up by the shopkeeper and put in a plastic bag. She wanted so much to be with her family, but she knew there was no use fighting. Penelope heard the sound of the car going. She started to cry. Everything had gone wrong since she rescued her family. Then suddenly the car halted. She was thrown to the other side of the bag.  

She was placed on a table in a house. She heard a baby crying. Penelope looked up. This was not going to be her last day. Then a voice scared her. He said, “Hello I want to go as much as you but this place is like a prison: no going out. My name is Kyle, Kyle Ketchup. What is your name?” “I am Penelope the Pickle and I will get you out of here. But I need your help. Here’s what we will do. Penelope whispered into Kyle’s ear. Penelope and Kyle teamed up. Penelope threw Kyle against the window and broke the glass. Together they ran for it… They had made it to the great beyond. 

To be continued… 


Henry S. (3rd grade) is enjoying coding in Scratch, and made a game to share called Hyper Dash. If you have a Scratch account you can play here:



By Hana Y. (3rd grade) 


Keep It Up, Hardy!

Our community is so strong! Keep thinking, learning, creating, and exploring!

2nd and 3rd Graders--please send your submissions for the next "Hardy Happenings: Student Edition" by Friday, May 1 at 10 am by emailing Annie Clarke-Lauer at

Thank you!
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