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Good morning and happy Sunday, you lovely bunch.


I’m normally a little more organised with these send outs (ahem), but currently being cosied up on the sofa, just shy of midnight on Saturday night with Maggie snoozing next to me and Joe watching the boxing (which I seem to understand about as much as I do filing a tax return)- it seemed as good a time as any to sit down and fill you in on the last few days (and hopefully might mean I may go to bed a little tired for once)!
Anyway, how have you all been? After a bit of a wobbly few days last week, starting the week with sunshine, a bite in the air and the seeming arrival of winter- the clouds finally began to clear. Being in lockdown, it feels like shifting those moments, moods and blips happens at an almighty slow pace, but trust me when I say- it does, and it will. Misty mornings go from being ‘another miserable day’ to ‘an excuse for a cosy afternoon with The Crown and candles!’ and little joys become all the more apparent when you can see the wood for the trees (a saying which I think I might have just written correctly for the first time… in my life)?
Aside from a weather and wobbles update- things have been wonderfully ordinary over the last week. Joe and I have been busy sorting out our loft of the contents of the last three years in our home- and although it seemed like an enormously overwhelming task to begin with, actually making a dent in everything has felt oh so rewarding. This afternoon I spent a couple of hours going through archive boxes filled with memories of the last 27 years. I seem to have collected things from primary school, secondary and sixth form, my first years blogging, notes on old blog posts, musings, thoughts and ideas, old photos and every magazine cutting and silly thought in-between. There was even some dance routines, song lyrics and first book ideas from an optimistic 9 year old written down- and actually, despite sometimes being a little skeptical and afraid of my sentimentality- really felt quite special to look back and appreciate a) how far I often forget I’ve come, and b) that Christ, if nothing else I am always consistent (it’s a surprise I’m not still writing down dance routines, lets be honest).
And if anything, I think it’s taught me there’s something special to being sentimental, I think. I know it can sometimes mean getting attached to bloody sugar packets from a special afternoon tea you went to for your 18th birthday, postcards from friends you haven’t seen in over a decade and magazines with covers of bands you felt clammy handed and giddy over at 16- but there’s nothing wrong with that. Seeing my scribbles of blog ideas, train tickets from press trips that I went to at 19 with fashion editors I’d probably cower at now (and seemingly completely took in my stride)- makes me so proud of little Liv. I’ll definitely chat about this more soon (10 years of blogging probably deserves a little celebration somewhere online)- but it was definitely a little reminder to step back sometimes, look at the bigger picture, give yourself a little pat on the back and know that sometimes holding onto those memories isn’t a bad thing at all.
Have a gorgeous Sunday folks.


(The cosiest French scene that I spotted on Instagram, from
  • One piece I loved reading this week was Jodie Comer's interview on Net A Porter. Not only are the images heavenly and I want to hugely be her best friend- but she comes across so warm and wise and I particularly loved the below quote;

“For me, the only person I have to answer to is myself – so as long as I go into things with integrity, I think you just have to drown out the noise”

  • If like me you also struggle with the guilt of un-productivity (especially in a year like this), I loved Lauren's piece on Refinery 29 'In Defence Of Being Unproductive'. In an age where every hobby, pleasure or enjoyment seems to be needed to be adapted as a side hustle, it was refreshing to read a different perspective and reframe the art, of well, doing very little at all.
  • I feel like Pandora Sykes is one of the coolest people ever, so any tips from her about shopping vintage for your home will be gobbled up by yours truly.
  • For a little bit of glorious L.A escapism, this interview with Stevie Nicks which touches on her lockdown (with a certain very cool neighbour around the corner), was a joy to read.
  • Two hilarious watches for you from Instagram this week include this iconic dressing gown video, and of course the fabulous- Luke Millington Drake.
  • In terms of tweets, this festive M&S story truly warmed my heart, this powerful reminder in New Zealand that things will get back to normal, this from Bob Mortimer (duh), this BBC news report and this Bake Off tweet- also Mo, because he is pure joy. 
If you're after a little bit of sunshine, a lot of laughs and some brilliant, candid and proper 'nod along like you're in a room with your friends' conversations (the true sign of a good listen, IMO)- may I suggest giving the brilliant Your Mum podcast a listen. Hosted by my wonderful friend Keeks and her pal Charlotte- the girls host episodes centring around their mama's Mauves and Les- covering all ground from sex, politics, contraception and everything in-between. The episodes are perfectly pint-sized, feel good and the perfect listen to perk up any grey days.
A few beautiful things that have piqued my interest this week. From this croissant candle that I am now deeply regretting not ordering seven of, to Alice's incredible pottery pets (honestly the DREAM gift for anyone with a furry best friend), these cushion covers and the dreamiest hamper from my favourite bakery in London- what could be more delicious!?
Continuing the gift-guide sharing this week- and starting with some lovely ideas under £20...
The one where I avidly try to avoid playing 'gender cliche bingo' with ideas for him...
A full rundown of foodie-inspired ideas from the avid cook to the sofa restaurant critic (that's me)!
Finally- re-sharing my big ol' PJ guide on the blog for any pyjama ideas (a.k.a one of the most failsafe presents IMO)!
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