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As a promise to myself, I won’t touch on the topic of autumn until September. The 5th. At least.

As much as I love dark chilly mornings, crispy leaves, rainy afternoons, the traffic of the back-to-school rush and apples and cinnamon in everything that can be eaten- I’m also acutely aware that once you give me a month, I’ll be complaining about not being able to embrace bare legs until April next year, how it gets dark so early and how much I dislike having to layer thirty times over every outfit- so I’m going to be a little controlled. Maybe I’ll enjoy a novelty bowl of porridge or two (I’ve been recreating Leon’s ‘Porridge of the Gods’ this week and HOLY WOW) and exercise some control until at least next week. I hope you understand.
Anyway- I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. With my pal Carrie’s 30th coming up, we spent the last few days cosied up in the Somerset countryside- her beautiful birth place- and a spot, other than Glastonbury and a couple of wintry family holidays in Taunton- I hadn’t properly explored. So, with a menu of camping, fireside barbecues, kebab takeaways, riverside picnics and spontaneous Pride and Prejudice role play (give me a prairie dress and a National Trust property and I’m your gal)- and there you have the last few days.
It’s been really special (as sappy as I’m sure this is about to sound), to get to spend some precious ‘IRL’ time with friends over the last few weeks- albeit safely and at a distance. As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m definitely someone partial to getting tangled up online, comparing myself and my experiences to others- and sometimes forgetting about the world outside my window- and the people that truly understand me (and often, my terrible humour) being right there. So setting the world to rights, laughing until my eyes are red and streaming and appreciating the little moments have never felt so special- and there’s definitely more to life than a handful of 1x1 squares (as much as I do love them)...

Have a beautiful Sunday and Bank Holiday friends.

(Forever the most gorgeous moments from Taylor Sterling)
  • If you know me (or even if you don’t), you’ll know my favourite music genre is nostalgia. Whether that’s dad rock, ABBA in abundance or a 2007 nu-rave disco- give me the past AND GIVE IT TO ME GOOD. So, when Vice released their list of the top 51 indie landfill songs this week I felt extraordinarily passionate about them (and who should and shouldn’t have made the list too). Joe and I not only debated this at length, but it also meant I revisited my 2007/2008 playlist, which in my opinion is pretty special indeed. Any other indie Cindy’s with lego hair cuts and polka dot dresses may wish to listen…
  • One of my favourite people to follow online is the brilliant Mikaela Loach- environmental and antiracism activist and medic- there isn’t a lot this woman can’t do; but her stories are always sunshiny, informative and packed full of resources. This week she shared some incredibly helpful frames about refugee’s arriving in the UK- and if you’ve ever wondered where to begin or felt overwhelmed- she does an incredibly generous job of breaking things down. I can’t recommend following her enough (but please respect her space as she isn’t a one-woman resource either)!
  • If you fancy some serious Sunday viewing, may I kindly point you in the direction of Tame Impala’s Tiny Desk at home session which is chefs kiss.
  • Actually, also watch the goddess that is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do her skin care and makeup routine too because not only does she have excellent beauty tips, but she is full of some wholly beautiful pearls of wisdom too.
  • Finally, here are a few tweets that bought some sunshine this week- starting with shoe-gate, this giraffe gem, a bit of a throwback and finally- something dog related (of course).
If you're as much of a fan of 00's and 90's films as I am- look no further than Hey Now! Hey Now! The podcast which I'm almost 99% sure came from inside my own brain (I wish), hosted by the brilliant Emily and Barney- and talking about the very best films ever- from the Lizzie McGuire movie (iconic), The Parent Trap, Princess Diaries and SO many more. There's also hilarious interviews and oh my god it's just so good I cannot recommend it enough. I mean, the latest episode interviews CHESSY. FROM. THE. PARENT. TRAP. I am finished.
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I have been on a somewhat constant hunt for a good ol' mask- not only one that not only is reusable, breathable (and, if we're being really picky- cute)- but something that is comfortable too.  Fortunately I've found a handful of total goodies- including the above from Rock 'n' Rose which are game changing with their dreamy prints and EAR ADJUSTMENT TOGGLES. The girls kindly sent me some to prey, and truly- I cannot cope. Other favourites include Masq (v. Vampires Wife esque), MouMou for tie-dye goodness and these cute-as-a-button Liberty ones that I picked up from Etsy. 
A couple of weeks ago Joe and I did our first staycation of the year, and it did not disappoint...
After breaking the eating out seal, I'm excited to get back to one of my favourite London pasta spots here...
If you're still hunting for a last minute UK spot to stay in, The Rectory comes up trumps for me.
And finally, a post I always revisit when I'm missing the seaside and warm summer evenings.
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