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Good morning you lovely bunch, and happy beginning of the month (which feels like an odd thing to say but hear me out)…

Good morning you lovely bunch, and happy beginning of the month (which feels like an odd thing to say but hear me out)…
Firstly, I’m sorry this is going out a little later than usual. With all of the uncertainty last night sweeping the UK, it felt strange to provisionally write something without knowing how the next few weeks will be looking. I didn’t want to naively chirps on about being positive and optimistic, when actually- it’s more than okay to feel angry, frustrated, scared and anxious. Strictly is a tonic and so are pumpkins, crunchy leaves and hot chocolate- but it’s okay to feel disappointment by cancelled plans, the distance between loved ones and the fact it feels like this could have all been done differently (but, truly, who am I to say). Understandably, optimism won’t be the ticket for everyone in the next four weeks, but I wanted to put this out this morning because no matter what each of us are faced with, we can all do with the little things to make life just a tiny bit easier- because I know, for me at least, sometimes sidestepping from the doom and gloom- albeit just for a few hours, is the key to a little bit of self care.
There will still be the small reminders from the Radio Times that our favourite programme will still be on, the unexpected muffled Whatsapp voice note from a friend, or a letter in the post. The surprising crisp autumn mornings, that shocks you with their briskness but warm you with their sunshine. And the feeling of warm pyjamas from a radiator laid out ready from a hot shower after a cold walk.
And it’s also knowing that this won’t be forever. Knowing that one day soon we will be able to look back and just think, ‘Christ- what a weird time that was…’ and hopefully feel some kind of small solidarity that we all muddled through it together, oftentimes slouching and reluctant, but we did it nonetheless.
So I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I know it might feel bleary and uncertain, but reach out, check in and look after each other if you can, I promise it will never go unappreciated.


(If only every Sunday could look as delicious as one Milly might photograph...)
  • This week I shared a sneak peek of a very exciting collaboration coming in just over a weeks time! The Insecure Girls’ Club have teamed up once again with the incredibly Polly from Sighh and we have got some GOOD THINGS COOKING. I’m so proud of how the collection is looking, and can’t wait to share everything with you on the 9th.  In the meantime, if you’d like to stay up to date, you can set a reminder from The Insecure Girls’ Club- or head over to Sighh to keep an eye on what’s to come…
  • Listening to this beautiful spoken word piece from Charlotte this morning was such a tonic. It felt like the beginning of a beautiful film (it gave me Submarine vibes) and was so, so lovely. Have a nosey at her beautiful work. 
  • I haven’t stopped thinking about these bloody cushion covers from Paboy Bojang, and if someone could swiftly give me something new to obsess over that wouldn’t be a bad thing- but JUST LOOK. 
  • If you’re wanting to get a little ahead with your Christmas shopping, today is the next A South London Makers Market, and as always I know they’ll have the cream of the crop when it comes to brilliant independent and small business sellers. More than ever it’s so important we can support local and shop close to home, so definitely pay them a visit- I promise you’ll discover some gems.
  • Speaking of beautiful small brands, Rosie Caldwell is also launching her new small collection today, and although she only makes very small quantities- know it’ll be worth a nosey, because she is a total superstar and THE SLEEVES.
  • A few tweets that made me smile this week include this one, this revelation, basically anything Sophie Ellis Bextor and this gorgeous thread for anyone needing some cosiness over this next lockdown (and book recommendations too)!
  • This interview with Joni Mitchell is also heavenly. 
  • Finally, this gorgeous reminder from Emily Coxhead- and something I try and remember as much and as often as I can… 
This week nan got properly into Boy Pablo (admittedly about 40 years after hearing Everytime) but after hearing the actual TONIC that is Wachito Rico I half feel like some of this weeks joy has been fully restored and absolutely dare you to not keep playing it like I have...
I think we can all confidently agree that my wardrobe is not short of any flamboyant collars, but I think we can also agree that it would be very rude of me to not share my latest discovery and love of  Spanish brand Andión Clothing and their selection of the most magical blouses and socks. WHAT A COMBINATION. Maybe one more collar won't hurt...
Some of my favourite listens from the last month, and if I'm being honest- it's a good 'un...
Although a few have dated since, being a bit of a TV addict- this is still serving some GOODS for some top telly recommendations over the next few weeks...
Styling my favourite summer pieces ready for the cooler months- including some of my favourite god-tier dresses...
A favourite playlist from the last lockdown, and one that provided a little calm and zen when you just need help unwinding.
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