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I think I was the last person to see lockdown as a learning curve. I was stubborn to see a pandemic, or global crisis as a chance to get reflective- but HEY, four months inside might have you doing a bit of a deep dive or trying to take a few things out of a challenging time. Maybe it was last night’s cosmic sunset that did it to me, who knows.
Anyway, inspired by a chat I had last week with Lindsey Kelk and Poorna Bell, I thought today’s newsletter would be about my lockdown lessons. To celebrate the launch of In Case You Missed It last week, Lindsey, Poorna and I had a gorgeously inspiring chat- covering friendships, happiness and the challenges and pathways of varying life stages, which left me feeling all Lewis Capaldi ‘CAAAAM ON’ afterwards (which is only ever a good thing). So, below, as well as endless Domino’s and a record-breaking McDonalds- I thought I’d share some other takeaways from lockdown (ho ho ho)- slightly less delicious but quite useful nonetheless…


  • Not everyone has to be for every moment- sometimes we put a lot of weight on friendships to carry us through everything. As life stages turn to forks in the road, it’s okay to have friends for different things, and not expect everyone to relate to everything you’re going through. Poorna did the most brilliant tweet on this (follow her for endless pearls of wisdom and all round brilliance).
  • It’s okay to admit you could have done better. For goodness sake, dwelling on mistakes will never do you any good unless you take something out of it. As a serially guilt-ridden person (literally from the tiniest things- DID I TREAD ON HER TOE- to the more poignant- ‘WHY DID I SAY THAT THING YEARS AGO/WHY AM I USELESS’), carrying guilt is literally one of the least useful things you can do unless you use it to say, ‘I will do better going forward’. Give yourself a break if you're going to try better, really. 
  • Trust your ability. You’re far more capable than you give yourself credit for.
  • Not everything you think is true. Not every worry is accurate and not everyone thinks you’re the most annoying person in the world (I promise).
  • You can’t control how others feel about you, so it’s best not to worry. Whether that’s online, people you’ve met- fretting about what you fundamentally cannot change is nearly always a worry wasted. ‘If you know who you are and what makes you happy it doesn’t matter how others see you’- WORRA QUOTE from Wendy Mass.


‘All dreams don’t need to be big and life changing. Sometimes a small dream is exactly what you need right now’ – Marie Forleo


Nice deep end to your week friends, but have a gorgeous Sunday- stay safe and wear your masks!



(Dreamy breakfast inspiration courtesy of A South London Style)

A few lovely and useful things that have added a little sunshine to the week (pre-heatwave at least)...
  • Haim have announced a big UK tour next year. Thank goodness- there is hope for 2021! Truly having nice things to look forward to in the next year has been a bit of a tiny saving grace and this was very lovely news indeed. Make sure you’re signed up to their mailing list because I know it'll be bloody GLORIOUS. 
  • This week my friend Ros did the most beautiful photoshoot, which oozed Paul and Linda in Scotland vibes (and is also one of the best writers I know). Follow her for bucolic goodness and true countryside wanderlust. 
  • If you've felt a bit helpless or uneducated with the horrific news around antisemitism in the last week, the brilliant Eve Barlow (one of my favourite music journalists) has provided endless resources, words and guidance- and in the next week will be hosting a webinar to further educate, help with questions and arming you with knowledge. Please be respectful of her space- but she is incredible and I cannot recommend following enough.
  • If you’re not a TV nerd like me and missed the BAFTA’s on Friday night, I highly recommend scrolling through Scott Bryan’s feed for gems like this which will give you all the gorgeous feels.
  • If you’re a blogger/influencer or online creator- I highly recommend reading this by the fantastic Nicole Ocran, discussing the beginning and necessary need for The Creator Union and why it'll help shape and change our industry for the better- a bloody exciting step by some amazing people. 
If you're itching for something new to listen to, one of my newest favourite bands (thanks 4eva Amy), Fur, have just released their Facing Home mixtape- which is d r e a m y. Recorded in lockdown, it's gorgeously nostalgic, catchy and almost diary-like and the perfect companion for days at home when you need something new to sing along too (because if there's one thing they're good at- it's a good ol' sing along). 
(The most delicious home-delivered bakes from Dee's Basement, Kemi Telford for wear-all-the-time staples, Selena's Shop for true vintage gems and We Are Kin for incredible design and truly special pieces)

With yesterday being Black Pound Day, I thought I'd share four of my favourite Black-owned businesses above, all run by the most brilliant women with some of the dreamiest designs. Make sure to follow along and keep your eyes peeled from more goodness from them too- and head here for some more of my favourites to add to your wish list.
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