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Right. I vow to not start this with an apology. A whine about how long it’s been- it’s been a bloody long time but that’s it. I’m done- no more faffing, delays and apologizing because this newsletter is going weekly… dramatic right?
I haven’t shared a newsletter since the start of March- but I won’t fill you in with what’s happened since then because we all know what’s been going on. It’s been a lot, for us all. And I think I’ve applied an enormous amount of pressure to myself to make these newsletters big and meaty and grandiose when really- the thing that I love about newsletters is feeling like you’ve got a friend talking to you. Telling you about what songs you should be listening to on Spotify (cough Dolly Alderton and her amazing newsletter), what’s been going on inside their noggin- and not a weepy and drawn out ‘sorry I’ve just been super busy’.
So here I am- I think in many respects I’ve found the internet a really overwhelming place the last few months. I’ve worried that I’ve not ‘made the most of being savvy during lockdown!’ I haven’t pivoted. I haven’t started anything new (well, one thing but more on that soon. Maybe). In fact I’ve probably done less than before which in turn made me wonder if I was doing it wrong. Whilst people around me were having almost revolutionary experiences, I quite often sat back like Will from The Inbetweeners wondering what on earth I was doing and sometimes feeling like I didn’t have the mental capacity or intellect for some of the conversations going on around me.
But, after a wholly inspiring chat with a pal a couple of weeks ago things changed. A pandemic isn’t a portfolio piece. Maybe what you’re doing works and you’re already enough. Do what you want to do to keep you sane through a challenging time. That is all ok- really… For me that’s been Judd Apatow movies, Women in Music part III and boiled eggs and soldiers. I wish it was more profound and maybe I could do with some soul searching and a bit of stretching myself, but maybe that will come in time and I’m okay for now. Life’s challenging enough without us applying even more pressure to ourselves, so if I’ve learnt anything over the last few months it’s about being kind to yourself. This week I’ve had a couple of ‘girl, you’re doing okay’ moments, and it’s so nice to feel like you’re on your own side for once- no matter how woo woo that might sound. Anyway- I promise not every newsletter intro will be this ~deep~ (I’m about as deep as a puddle, trust me) but thank you for coming along, or sticking along for the ride. Happy Sunday you wonderful people.
P.S it’s self promo tiiiime! If you haven’t yet read my book The Insecure Girls’ Handbook and fancy reading it, it’s currently 99p on ebook. Walk, don’t run (no tripping up please).


My pal Tea recently began an amazing Instagram account called Re-edcuation, in her words 'a free monthly subscription to activism' whereby each month a different topic covering aspects of race will be discussed, unpicked and spoken about- with different materials listed to get stuck into each month. July covers Britain and Race- and it works on a learn / discuss / action basis and breaks down smalls ways to digest all of the incredible resources out there. They've also very helpfully added a possible timetable here in case you're unsure how you'll fit it in- but make sure to follow, get involved and get learning- it'll be the best thing you'll do this month. 
If you want something that’s inspiring but not overwhelming this listen is your guy. Sometimes I do well with deep TEDx style podcasts, and other times- honestly, they’re really not my bag (maybe it’s a stubbornness of not wanting to be spoken at when I’m in the comfort of my own headphones who knows). Maybe it’s the same reason I spend so much time just listening to music instead of podcasts, because in general, I like my listening to feel light, uplifting and feel good- and this is everything this podcast did and more. Having never heard of Sibling Revelry, my friend Naffy sent this over to me- and knowing me very well it was everything I could have wanted. Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver chat to the Haim sisters about their relationship as sisters, their traits, anecdotes and the things they love about each other. It’s the kind of listen that makes you feel like anything is possible and I truly finished my Saturday yearning to take some Este ferociousness into next week (whilst forever wanting to be the cool and elusive Danielle too). WE CAN DO THIS!

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(Top left clockwise: The dreamiest handmade earrings from Margate Bound, Summer sandals that have me raring for a beach (AND THEY WON'T SLIDE OFF), when I close my eyes I just see this dress (and an enormous to do list, but we'll let that slide) and finally my favourite tote.
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