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Oh goodness, good morning- and for the first time in weeks, I feel I can fully, whole-heartedly say happy Sunday.

After a week of CNN looping (so much so… maybe I’ll just keep it on for a little bit longer), feeling very familiar with John King (and wondering what on earth that man is on that has kept him going),  Joe being fully consumed by MAPS ALL THE MAPS, this tweet tickling me for days and broken sleep- how truly wonderful does it feel waking up, after a full nights sleep and feeling a small slither of joy. Of hope.
Because truly, some days you wake up and things just feel a little bit less heavy. You walk into the bathroom and see the sunshine speckling in- open the window and notice a bird tweeting from outside. You realise you have enough milk for a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal, and say hello to more than one person on your morning dog walk. And after months of feeling like things are seemingly, repetitively difficult- it feels special to notice these things and feel like things, even gradually, could be starting to change.
The world has felt incredibly heavy this year- and although we have a long way to go, a hell load of work to do and things are far from perfect- allowing people to share a moment of joy together feels really special- and we are so allowed to be celebrating that together. Watching clips of dancing in the streets (masked, of course) to ABBA (I know- WHERE WAS I), pure joy and windowsill clapping feels poignant, and actually, suddenly, the idea of a bit of togetherness after a lot of anger and division feels like a tonic I can gladly lap up.
So, I hope today you have a lovely Sunday. You can relax a little, even if for a while- put your feet up, have a boogie to this, have a bloody nap and properly have the most Sundayish of Sundays. You deserve it.

(Some gorgeous autumnal goodness from my very talented friend Freddie...)
  • Yesterday, for the first time ever I watched While You Were Sleeping and WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THIS FILM PLEASE. If you're after the perfect festive, '80s rom-com set in with a beautiful Chicago backdrop, look no further. Plus Sandra Bullock and incredible knitwear. It's on Disney + and I wish someone would have told me about it sooner. 
  • If you're after some culinary inspiration, the brilliant Nicola Lamb has just launched her Kitchen Projects newsletter. Part recipe development, part journal and part platform for truly recipe inspiration- she is one helluva talented lady and I know she'll be cooking up some serious treats.
  • This piece on living alone during a pandemic and how to survive the second lockdown in the UK feels timely, positive and necessary if you're in need of a pick me up this week, and over November.
  • With Christmas shopping underway (gift guides coming VERY soon), this wonderful guide of London's Black owned businesses is a great starting place for some wonderful gift giving inspiration. Jessica also has the article online too, which is well worth a read.
  • In terms of glorious new things, make sure to give Gemma Style's new podcast a big ol' subscribe as it launches this week. Good Influence is set to introduce you to some brilliant guests, pay attention to things we should know about and answer your burning questions too, it's going to be a goodie. 
  • My friend Genevieve put together this brilliant list of Black British women who shaped our history and it is a brilliant Sunday afternoon lesson in female brilliance and must-know Black history. Grab a cuppa and feel inspired.
  • Have spent the last week listening and just watching all of the posts by the heavenly Infinity Song (and suggest you do the same).
  • This Q&A with Dolly Alderton was a gorgeous quick read, and also presented me with this unrivalled piece of advice too...
"When I interviewed Kirsty Young, she said: listen to your friends because they’re the only ones as invested in your life as you are, but they have the objectivity of distance from your experience. I try very hard to follow it."
This week my friend Sarah (all round good egg, excellent taste-r and vintage maven) sent me a link to one of Brené Brown’s latest podcast episodes on the night of the election. Admittedly, my BB knowledge is a little slim and I have much ground to cover (which I’m sure will truly blow me away), but listening to this whilst waiting for the bus, felt like a lightening bolt of positivity. One thing she mentioned, which really stuck with me was her characteristic of being full of ‘stubborn hope’- something I, often the glossy optimist, can wholly relate to. Thankfully, this week- that stubborn hope- the replaying of Only The Young (I know, I’m sorry) and We Didn’t Start The Fire feels like it’s paid off, for once. The episode also covers a lot of empowering ground about putting number one first when you're feeling wobbly, not trying to please everyone and trusting yourself- which I think we could all do with a little more of too.
At a time where small businesses, cafes and restaurants are relying on takeaways and home deliveries- Museum of Restaurants is here to provide gorgeous inspiration on some of the capitals most delicious dining spots and places to get a coffee. With beautiful imagery and a tote bag that I'm already coveting ( it's a stunning account truly worth a follow.
Revisiting some old wardrobe loves this week, and definitely planning a re-watch of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel...
Another oldie but goodie playlist- some things are just worth listening to again (and again, and again)...
For thirsty, dry or dull skin- look no further than my five winter skincare staples!
Although some might be out of action for now, I'm definitely getting some festive inspiration for a good ol' day out in London come December.
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