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Hello, hello! Firstly- I’m sorry for the little week break over here. Sometimes catching your breath (especially online) is necessary, and with a week of being away, juggling a couple of work bits after a little quiet spell- it was nice to take a tiny bit of space, enjoy the sea (more on that next week)- as much as I do love sending this out every week.

Anyway- this week. THIS WEEK. Christ. What can I say that isn’t regurgitating the same things we’ve heard again and again over the last seven days? It’s been another unsurprisingly weird week in the UK, and I’m desperately clinging on to the optimism and new season hope, which filled me only a couple of weeks ago.

I’m trying to remember how much I love autumn (so much so I nearly typed 'I EFFING LOVE AUTUMN). I love the fact bloody Starbucks (no matter how shitty they probably are as a company) change the colour of their cups, I love that Strictly is back (so much so that I spent a LOT of last night shouting and clapping at the TV)- and The Wall on a Saturday night. I love drizzle and leaves and hat and coat weather. I love that talking about Christmas is no longer almost blasphemy- and I’m so trying to keep ahold of these things even if the things I love the most about this time of year (spending time with family cosied up with a roast, long leisurely breakfasts and silly sleepovers with friends) just aren’t on the periphery right now. I’m telling myself I can still put the heating on, wear itchy jumpers and watch You’ve Got Mail on a Sunday afternoon- and just because things are shitty, some of life's little things are still quite good.
So, I’ve done what any responsible adult should do. Ordered myself some fresh bagels and babka from Monty’s Deli to enjoy this week- because goodness, whatever the news coughs up for us this week- at least I’ll be armed with doughy goods and Meg Ryan and this little bit of joyous news that I also shared this week too (eeeek)!

Have a gorgeous week friends,

P.S I saw this tweet this week featuring a Time’s article (annoying paywall probs) but this quote stuck with me. The piece is about how to be happy when things keep changing, and honestly- could it be more apt?

(Because some of London's prettiest sights are outside, right? This picture from Charlotte is heaven)
  •  One song I haven't stopped playing this week comes in from my favourites, Tennis. Although everything they do is magic, it's been their cover of The Carpenters 'Superstar' that has completely consumed my Spotify plays this week- and with very, very good reason too...
  • A couple of pieces I absolutely loved reading this week included the wonderful Jess Diner's piece on Vogue about her conversion to Judaism, and is just the most beautifully honest story of faith, love and true dedication to your path and direction in life. 
  • Another piece I loved sitting down with was an interview with my brilliant pal Keeks, alongside her mum and sister- all about their experiences being Black and British in the UK, spanning from 1957 until now. It was such a powerful, and heartfelt insight- and completely summarises what being family is all about. 
  • I also contributed to this article on i-D Magazine, all about whether we should be giving more or less of ourselves online. With the constant push and pull of authenticity and honesty online, it was nice to explore this a little more and dig into what is really important when 'being yourself' on the internet. 
  • A few of my favourite sunny moments on Twitter included this guy who I hadn't thought of in a while, this important notice to remember and my winter mood in a nutshell. 
  • Finally if you are after a music loving, bloody hilarious follow- may I please introduce you to Maris Jones... 
In case you hadn't heard, two of my favourite women (and sisters) online, Gina and Stevie Martin have come together to create one of the most brilliant podcasts, which I have very much enjoyed inhaling this week- Might Delete Later. Interviewing guests based on their internet habits, history online and experience with the big ol' world of the 'net- it's a hugely comforting look at the way we all use the internet, and how fundamentally, all of our experiences feel inextricably linked. My favourite episodes (so far) include Alistair Green (my favourite man on Twitter), Nish Kumar, Charlie Craggs and Marie Le Conte- and I can't recommend listening enough if you need a little bit of an internety cuddle (and laugh, always a laugh).
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I don't think I'm over exaggerating when I say that I think that pyjamas might be my favourite thing in the world to buy. BUT! Saying that, this week I have been fawning all over again for the Lover Flats from Camilla Elphick, which I thought I'd managed to forget about- but alas, have not. If someone could come and talk me out of it that would be most appreciated...
Possibly one of the most exciting blog posts I've ever written- I'll let you do the guessing!
Oh the wanderlust is so very real right now! Because I can't be there I'm just pretending I'm cosied up in Amsterdam instead...
If you're in need of some Sunday afternoon viewing, I have a pretty exhaustive list of feel good films...
Remembering some day and night skincare favourites that I'd previously forgotten- let's get reintroducing!
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