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In another week fuelled by a world of uncertainty, self-preservation is an act of kindness.
Whenever I hear self-preservation, I think of this scene from Love Actually. I genuinely don’t think I had any actual understanding of what it meant beyond Mark showing his, ahem, camera skills to Juliet and a lot of awkwardness. But this week I think I probably learnt it has a different meaning altogether (I know you come to read this for my wisdom, so here goes). With everything going on in the world, the ever changing news, rules and oftentimes overwhelm that comes with scrolling on anything from the BBC website to Twitter- sometimes, just sometimes- it’s okay to step back.
You can immerse yourself in wanting change, taking actions and making positive steps- but understandably, it’s a lot- and it’s okay to realise that too. To know that muting, deleting apps and being gentle with yourself every now and again is an act in itself and it’s okay to spend a day wrapped in your own comfort and coziness away from it all- especially if it is what your mind is asking for.
This week Joe and I did just that- by taking a night away at the seaside. At the moment, more than ever, it feels like such an enormous privilege to have the luxury of so much escape on our doorstep- but being able to swim in the sea before the summer is out, sit on our balcony with a pizza whilst listening to the neighbours singing along- and then spend the morning mooching around aimlessly was a complete joy- and switch off from everything, albeit just for a bit. I know for so many a switch off hasn’t been an option. Things can and are all consuming, but being able to allow yourself small windows of time, if and when you are able is more than okay- and trust me, you deserve it.
I hope you have a gorgeous Sunday (and happy Bake Off eve-eve)!


(Just pure loveliness from Florence and the kind of snap that makes me hopeful for the future, friends and dancing)
  • To celebrate Second Hand September, I absolutely loved reading this piece on Refinery 29 chatting to some of my favourite women (and some new glorious discoveries) about their favourite places to pick up pre-loved gems, their top tips and wish-lists. It's so exciting to see a brighter light being projected on second hand and more ethical shopping, and these women make it feel like a really achievable and fun thing to do (which it is- I promise)!
  • If you're after an inspiring Sunday read, look no further than this interviewing with the absolute beacon of brightness that is Amika George. Having followed her journey across starting the #freeperiods campaign until now, she's the kind of woman that makes you feel like anything is possible, and honestly- at the moment, couldn't we all do with a bit more of that?
  • I know that following Nova always presents so many lessons and truth- and this week I saw this post which made me think a lot. I've been incredibly guilty (and not at all proud) of the fact that in the past, I've said how 'shocking' and 'how is this still happening?!' when confronted with awful realities within racism, completely overlooking how damaging and unhelpful those remarks are (a lot like feeling shame and guilt too). If you're someone who has done this too, I cannot recommend following Nova, absorbing and reading all of her tireless knowledge and taking it away- and most importantly, putting it into practise. 
  • For some true beauty for your feed, I've just discovered Carissa Gallo (after spotting her work and this gorgeous video for Teen Vogue) and now it's safe to say I'm obsessed.
  • My favourite tweets this week come in from this stunning ABBA video, Prince doubling up as a Gardener's World presenter, this which had me in stitches and finally this- which, in my opinion could not be more accurate. 
P.S If in doubt, remember this
When people ask me (read: when I tell people) what I've watched on TV recently, 10/10 times I will shout 'STATH LETS FLATS!' Jamie Demetriou and his sister Natasia are comfortably two of my favourite people on TV, and this episode of Walking The Dog with Emily Dean and Jamie is the most wholesome laugh-out-loud chat which I absolutely loved listening to.
One of my favourite people to follow, and a more recent discover is the brilliant Chloe Sheppard. Her storytelling, words, photographs and collages are all other-worldly and can absolutely be held partially responsible for my sudden resurgence for Polaroid photography and wanting to collage EVERYTHING.
A round up of my favourite scents over the last few months, and the fragrances I'll turn to again and again...
For any autumn staycation inspiration, last years Edinburgh guide is serving some serious cosy inspiration...
The last from my mini Somerset series- and a little guide to beautiful Bruton.
One of my favourite recipes for a cosy Sunday- these delicious (and simple) salted caramel brownies....
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