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The following information was received from the HOA of the Knolls of Slaughter Creek regarding an upcoming development on South 1st St across from Akins High School. The developers are proposing a zoning classificaton for high density housing units, allowing for 750 apartment units on the lot. This development is very relevent to residents of the Village of San Leanna because there are plans to connect Wayne Riddell Loop to S 1st St, which would create a path for traffic from S 1st St to cut through the Knolls of Slaughter and access 1626 via San Leanna roads (San Leanna Dr, Katy Ln, Sombrero Dr, and Circle Dr). 

Rough sketch of access created by potential connection:

The developers have listened to our concerns at a couple of meetings and have presented new plans that allow for the apartments to be built and the road to stay closed (image above email). The City of Austin City Council has not yet reviewed or approved this proposal so it is still important to make our voices heard about keeping extra traffic off of our roads. 

Please see additional information below including dates for developer meetings (January 21st) and City of Austin zoning hearings (February 4th).

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.  
Rebecca Howe
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Phone/fax: (512) 280-3898

From the Board of the Knolls of Slaughter Creek

750 Unit Apartment Complex is planned on Wayne Riddle Loop between the Knolls of Slaughter Creek and Akins High School- --We can reduce the impact if we all act over the next 6 weeks
Dear Neighbors
A proposed 750 unit apartment complex is being proposed east of our neighborhood could big threat to our neighborhood. The developers say it will be similar in size and quality to the Lennox- which they built- between Old San Antonio Road and I-35.

  • They project more than 6 trips per day per unit –adding 4,500 car trips a day to First street congestion.
  • If Wayne Riddle is opened through our neighborhood to S 1st St - the westbound trips from that complex will be cutting through our neighborhood,
  • Thousands of additional cars will “shortcutting” through the Knolls if Wayne Riddle is opened to through traffic between 1626 and S 1st St and the High school.  This will negatively impact our residents ability to safely walk and ride bikes through the neighborhood.
Their proposed RM4 zoning allows up to 48 units per acre, 60' height, and 80% impervious cover, with affordability bonuses for unlimited density and 90' in height.
The runoff from this complex could impact water quality in in our beloved Slaughter creek and increase flooding downstream along Onion Creek and could increase flooding in our greenbelt  
Public would have easy access to the trails along Slaughter creek,our private greenbelt and our backyards increasing foot, bike and horse traffic and trash.
The complex would have security lightning.

The Good News

The developers are listening to us and have submitted a proposal to not open Wayne Riddle to 1626 but the city council will have to reverse their longstanding connectivity policy to allow that to happen

What can you do?

  1. Attend a community meeting to learn more about the proposal at 6:30 on Tuesday January  21st at 6:30 at the Onion Creek Country Club
  2. Attend the zoning hearing on February 4th at 6:00 PM at Austin City Hall, Council Chambers ( this may be delayed if were successful in slowing it down – see website for updates)
  3. Call every member of the City Council and ask them to vote to:
  • Keep Wayne Riddle closed
  • Not to approve this permit until the water runoff studies are completed and show no impact to Onion Creek
  • Come up with a plan to keep our Greenbelt private
  • Plan to attend the city council meeting on March 5th that’s when the developers want to ask  the Council approved it
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