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Wekiwa Wilderness Trust Wilderness Retreat 2019

Join us for the first ever Wekiwa Wilderness Retreat, from Friday March 29 to Sunday, March 31, 2019. This retreat is a unique opportunity to learn more about the Wekiva basin, its wildlife and the environment and immerse yourself in it for three days of learning and fun!

The retreat is being held at the Youth Camp in Wekiwa Springs State Park. Participants have the choice to camp out in their own tents, stay in cabins with bunk beds or leader cabins that have their own facilities. All meals are provided from the meet and greet dinner on Friday night to the farewell lunch in Sunday.

Activities include yoga and tai chi, guided birding and wildflower hikes, guided canoe trips, night hikes, basic survival techniques, edible Florida, presentations about Florida’s critters, campfire singalongs and much more. There will also be some very special not to be missed events, especially after dinner on Friday night.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in learning more, visit the 2019 retreat event page!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Free Family Hikes - First Sunday of each Month at 10:00AM
Sept 2 With Noreen - Start at Sand Lake

Discovery Hour - Sunday 2:00PM at the Interpretive Pavilion
Aug 19 With Don - Edible Florida Plants
Aug 26 With Debbie - Florida Critters
Sept 2 With Debbie - Kids Story Time
Sept 9 With Moh - Lady Bugs
Sept 16 With Don - Edible Florida Plants
Sept 23 With Debbie - Florida Critters
Sept 30 With John - Reptiles

Did You Know? Fun Nature Facts!

  • Florida black bears eat mostly berries, nuts and insects, but females in the late fall to early December need to eat 15,000-25,000 calories a day before settling down in a den scooped out of the earth in an area of thick saw palmetto where they have their cubs about February 1st. While in the den they don’t eat and can lose a quarter of their body weight.

August Flower of the Month

Feay’s Prairieclover (Dalea feayi)

Fringed Meadowbeauty (Rhexia petiolata)Feay’s Prairieclover (Dalea feayi) is one of four prairieclovers native to Florida. This species is found almost exclusively within this state in sandhill and scrub habitats. The plant is shrubby with woody stems and small finely divided compound leaves. It typically grows between 18 and 24 inches high, generally in an erect and rounded shape.

The leaves resemble a mint and some say they have a minty scent; however it is a member of the bean or pea family (Fabaceae), not a mint. The small pink to rose-purple flowers are clustered in terminal round heads which eventually become reddish seed heads. Flowering occurs from summer to fall, generally August to September. When in full bloom the flowers often cover the plant. Feay’s prairieclover is an important food source for native bees but not so much for butterflies. However it is a host plant for the southern dogface butterfly caterpillar.

There are several large drifts of Feay’s Prairieclover in full bloom between trail markers 25 and 26. There are smaller groupings on upland portions of the main trail between trail markers 2 and 24, as well as farther afield in scrub and sandhill habitats.

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