Students finding Hope
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My First Bible Studies!

This week students gathered with me for the first time at UAH to study the bible as a group!  We had two bible studies totaling 7 students studying Psalm 1.  They encountered Jesus through scripture and learned how to seek out the author's purpose and understand the meaning of the passage.  We studied, asked good questions, and dug deeper into the hard things in the passage.  

One of the students, Anna, very timidly asked some questions at the beginning about the "wicked" and the "righteous" in the passage, but felt like she couldn't ask questions that might rock the boat, as the passage seemed very "black and white".  But we encouraged her questions, because the hard questions are the best questions. They allowed us to go deeper and find that the real meaning of the passage isn't quite so straight forward.  Anna shared with us at the end how she didn't really like church things and didn't even know why she had come that day, but this experience was so different than any she had ever had before.  She was incredibly excited to study scripture again next week, with people she could be her whole self with.  She knew she would not be judged, and not have to leave her thoughts and opinions at the door. 

Students Lives' Shift into a new story

Students gathered from all of over Alabama meet in Huntsville and study the Bible for a weekend.  The SHIFT gathering was absolutely amazing, students were transformed, and I was so SO blessed by the outpouring of support from my church and community here in Huntsville.  

Over the course of the weekend we studied Luke 24 with the students and learned how Jesus revealed his resurrected self to some of His disciples by walking them through the scriptures and changing the story they were living in. 
We then walked the students through and overview of the old and new testaments, and allowed Jesus to shift their stories as well.  Their minds were completely blown as they saw the over arching picture of what God is doing in the world, many for the first time: the story of how God desires to rule the world though humans, how humans messed that up, and how He has been working to restore that, ultimately through Jesus.  

Meeting Students at a Table

This month I learned that I absolutely LOVE meeting students at a table!  I was given the opportunity to set up at a table in the student union a few different weeks this month, and I engaged students with the question "What do you hope for?" 
This allowed me to have so many awesome conversations, and meet amazing students.  These are the students who eventually came to the Bible studies I had this week!  God really opened so many doors for me through this and I'm so excited to see what He has in store for me next!
Give Financially to InterVarsity in Huntsville

Prayer Requests

  • God would raise up monthly givers to provide long term support for my ministry to keep me on campus.  (email me for more info <3 ) 
  • Healing for the epidemic of Anxiety and Depression among students on campus
  • Doors to continue opening at Alabama A&M, an HBCU in Huntsville where I have encountered people of peace. 
  • New students to join our bible studies and for the original students to have perseverance and come back
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