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Cyber Awareness Alert
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Here is your dose of Cyber Awareness, hopefully supporting your journey to improved Cyber Protection 


Happy New Year!  May 2019 bring you happiness and of course, cyber security :) 

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Here is some knowledge for the week

So what were (are) the worst passwords of 2018?  Probably not much of a surprise but "123456" and "password" came to the top of the list as expected.  The common reaction from cyber security professionals is to complain about how the public needs to take this stuff more seriously.  But in addition to this, maybe websites should be more proactive to push back against "weak" passwords?  More and more sites are showing a password strength meter - which is a great way to make users make better decisions.  What do you think?

"The option is for websites and services to simply stop users from choosing a password that’s on the list of the worst passwords. Or, say, disallow creating any of the 10,000 worst passwords."
Have you considered a more secure email service?  If you want more privacy and security when you are sending messages, here is a pretty good list of email providers to consider.  ProtonMail is a usual suspect but there are several others to review and consider. Some are free, and some you have to pay for.  I am providing two articles below that provide suggestions - so you have a few different opinions. 

10 most secure email providers

5 best secure email services
According to this study, only two home internet routers scored well on a report by a security firm.  As discussed in the article, "the inherent weakness of most home routers is one reason that malicious hackers are shifting their targets away from desktop and mobile operating systems and towards routers and other "internet of things" devices."  

"Home routers are soft targets in comparison to the security hygiene present in modern desktop operating systems," Thompson and Zatko say. "All vendors have room for improvement, especially when it comes to consistently applying basic safety features across different models in their product lines."

This article also evidences the importance of not relying on only one type of technology to solve your security gaps - it requires a multi-faceted approach and using many types of precautions (behavioral and tech).

Looking for a handy guide on cyber security to start off your new year?  How about five!  These guides provide some good info to consider with respect to password managers, two-factor authentication, how to think about cell phone protection and browsing the internet securely. Check them out!

And of course, we have some good stuff on the Find Me Cyber website too!

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