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I hope everyone is having a good tarantula mating season!
The transition to Fall is always a special time for our non-human friends. A shift in the sun, stars and temperatures signal movement and preparation. Some will start long long journeys across hemispheres like the humpback whales who leave the arctic for mexico, others will begin stocking up and feasting before going into their dens for a few months like the desert tortoise , others are transitioning their own bodies like the king salmon through osmoregulation in order to travel back to their native spawning territories and lay the foundation for the next generation. Fall is amazing!

Why Look at Animals Episode 1 is up on youtube for anyone who needs a 24minute animal break. Episode 2 will be uploaded shortly but has been hindered by desert internet speeds. 

Sarah Meadows' AMPAMOMP will be available for purchase in the next two weeks- look out for the IG post.


October Deadline! The Non-human Observer will be back with a new issue! The model will be condensing content into a dual season issue- Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring. So take your time and think about something you'd like to share. And if you haven't checked out the first issue- please do! You can also purchase it online or at McNally Jackson in NYC.
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Last Friday was the global climate strike. I didn't make it. I was helping my mom around her house and I feel bad about it. I drove by the Olympia Capital building at 2pm and two people were sitting with a sign but seemed to just be talking and hanging out at that point. The guilt I feel has become so ingrained into daily life- how to be there for what's important, how to use our individual and collective energy, how to take better care of ourselves. Given the circumstances maybe this generation will never get to feel okay.

Of course this dialogue is largely about just that. The leaders and officials we rely on to make sweeping decisions and actions have neglected to protect us. They've neglected to consider the long term health of the soils, waters, plants, animals, and peoples. They've promoted a system that can't function in a way that sees value in health only growth. They've warped the meaning of prosperity to only equal wealth and power not well-being and abundance.

While I find myself most frustrated with the burden this places on every individual's actions and choices, we're left having little else but to consider daily how to make personal decisions that align with the health of this planet. I don't want to see us in a space where there's shaming and call-outs for accepting a straw or plastic bag among peers, but I do think adjusting these little things is a genuine protest against the structure we've been born into. The reason these things were made so 'easy' is because someone is profiting at our expense.

So much that we are used to in terms of abundance and ease is going to change. It feels like one way to truly be prepared or to help ourselves is to begin rationing and regulating our own lives. Using less- less power, less water, less plastic, less gas, is a real way to gear up. I feel like I've known for a few years I couldn't expect my life to take a path that would be unaffected or ignorant of the changes to come. Moving to the desert may seem bizarre with rising temperatures, but it felt like a way to be more deeply connected with the earth again and not in one of the largest concrete, steel, glass, bubbles of capitalism there is. I feel like I have more control here over what I consume, how I move my body, how I am integrated with natural rhythms. I also wanted a chance to be more thoughtful on a whole about certain choices. I'd like to start flying less, I'd like to plant trees, I'd like to have access to discussions on development and ecology that directly affect the place I live.

What changes do you want to make? What little things feel important or good? What feels possible now? How do you envision changing your life in the next 5-10 years?

Ok, sorry, long rant. I'm sitting on my couch in the sand and need to refill the hummingbird feeders so they don't keep buzzing by and looking so disappointed!



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