Two Years of Lunches
Today’s issue marks two years of Desk Lunch. 2019 was a big year for us, and we’re so proud of everything this community has accomplished. In lieu of an essay today, we wanted to share a little bit about why we do what we do and how we hope to get better in 2020. 

Right off the bat, we want to say that Desk Lunch is born out of privilege. And that privilege is why you don’t hear from the two of us (Katie & Liz) very often. Desk Lunch is not our story. Desk Lunch is all of the stories told over the last two years, by members of this amazing community. 

It’s the anecdotes from childhood, the fight for wage parity, finding love, and moving across the country or the world. It’s being afraid of imposter syndrome, and acting like a bad bitch when you’ve earned that promotion. It’s looking different, loving different, wanting something different that sets our special community apart and makes us who we are.

These stories, and the ones we’ve yet to hear, deserve so much more than our newsletter. They deserve to be shared on stage at major conferences or featured as thought leadership in leading industry publications. The keepers of these stories deserve to be considered when a Creative Director puts out a request for people to follow on Twitter. Members of this community are the creators and thinkers who are fueling our industry, and will shape its future. It’s time to pay attention. 

That’s what we hope you get out of this newsletter. We hope you get a glimpse into stories that are so unlike your own that you learn something new, or they are so relatable that their message resonates down to your core. But mostly, we hope you hear the experiences of others and become open to acknowledging your own privilege and how you interact with people who may not look, talk, think, or act like you.

To L.A., Rowan, Carolyn, Carinda, Jessica, Gwen, Lisa, Amalia, Shareina, Leeya, Carly, Milan, Sarah, Ruzanna, Jinjin, Diana, Julianne, Amelie, Jessie, Marianna, Allie, Justine, Adriana, Elizabeth, Joelle, Dani, Fanny, Gracelle, Alix-Rose, Annie, Chloe, Jessica, Sabrina, Isabel, Sanhana, Ashley, Susan, Sophie, Kitkat, Lilyan, Ashley, Hope, Elizabeth, Lydia, Savanah, Meghan, Morgane, Kallie, Sabrina, Ethelia, Omayeli, Tina, Linda, Sara, Adele, Karishma, Shayna, Alanna, Kelsey, Cassiel, Marissa, Nicole, Amy, Taryn, Juliana, Ana, Rose, Sam, Sharon, Sophie, Micah, Hannah, Joni, Tina, Le, Zoë, Morgan, Ana, Kim, Babette, Hanan, Liz, Rebecca, Ren, Maggie, Ruthie, Rey, and Silvia, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your words and stories with us. To the rest of you, our wonderful readers and community members, thank you for being here with us. 2020 is going to be our year. 

All of our love and then some, 
Katie & Liz 

We’re always looking to add to our roster of contributors. If you or someone you know would like to share your story, please fill out this form or get in touch. 
Art used in this issue: “Five O'Clock Tea” by Mary Cassatt
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