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August 2020

A collection of top stories, faculty news and important announcements from the past month.

Amy Rand focuses on pollutants

Chemistry and Biochemistry Prof. Amy Rand has been featured in the Carleton Newsroom! Rand combines environmental chemistry—the study of how chemicals move through and interact with our environment, whether outside or inside our homes—with toxicology. Her particular focus is on a class of pollutants called poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, which have rung alarm bells among scientists, environmentalists and policy-makers.

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Alex Wong works toward reusable face masks with ultraviolet light technology

Biology Prof. Alex Wong is working on a unique research initiative to decontaminate medical face masks exposed to COVID-19 with ultraviolet light technology. The idea was sparked in March when there was a substantial concern over Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the country. Wong was approached by Arkalumen, a LED design and manufacturing company, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Click the link below to learn more about how the project developed.

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Prof. Steven Cooke appeared on TVO's The Agenda to speak about eels. These often misunderstood, endangered beasts have truly incredible life cycles and travel unfathomable distances. Watch now!
Faculty News

Could volatile organic compounds save bats from white-nose syndrome?

A paper by Prof. Myron Smith and Emma Micalizzi has received a write-up in the Canadian Science Publishing blog. Pseudogymnoascus destructans is a fungal pathogen that causes white-nose syndrome in bats, killing millions of them across eastern North America. Smith and Micalizzi wanted to know if volatile organic compounds could help address this problem. Their findings? There's good news and bad news.

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Devils of the deep: How jumbo squids survive freezing cold, oxygen-deprived waters

Biochemistry Prof. Kenneth B. Storey and PhD candidate Hanane Hadj-Moussa have published a piece in The Conversation about how squids adapt to daily changes in the environmental conditions imposed by their vertical lives.

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More Faculty News

  • Prof. Melissa Chee spoke to The Charlatan about her lab's research with UTEP that uncovered new findings about the brain’s 'zone of uncertainty'. More
  • Prof. Steven Cooke is part of a team that is surveying anglers to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on recreational fishing. One of the project’s goals? To help inform government decisions on second-wave responses as they pertain to angling. More
  • Prof. Paul Peters spoke to the Winnipeg Free Press about how rural communities are uniquely challenged by the pandemic. More
  • Prof. David Miller was referenced in an Ottawa Citizen piece on hospital workers and their efforts to protect themselves with N95 masks. More
  • Biology researchers have put to rest a popular fish story: that pouring Diet Coke or other carbonated beverages on a fish’s injured gills can stem the bleeding. Read the Ottawa Citizen piece. More
Online Events

Online Science Café events - register now!

Oct. 14: Science Café – Vaccines against COVID-19: So Where Are We So Far?
Guest Speaker: Erling Rud, Adjunct Professor, Department of Health Sciences
Time: 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Location: Virtual Event via Zoom

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Recent Science Café events are available for online viewing

In a Science Café, hosted online on August 5, 2020, Prof. Kyle Biggar discussed how his lab has already developed a promising new inhibitor of the KDM5C enzyme as a therapeutic target for cancer treatment.

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Visit this link to watch all of our recent online Science Cafés!
Student News

Jill Brooks speaks about her work with sharks on CBC's Ottawa Morning

PhD candidate Jill Brooks was featured on CBC's Ottawa Morning to speak about her work tracking sharks with satellites! Her research assesses post-release mortality of great hammerheads that are caught and released by recreational fisheries.

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More Student News
  • Science student Sarita Cuadros Sanchez talks about the international student transition on the Carleton Pathways podcast. More
  • Neuroscience student Samantha Ghazal spoke with Cabin Radio about her research into the mental health of Canadian Rangers. More
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