March 3rd

This week marked the beginning of Women's History Month and it makes me especially proud to be the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Democratic Women's Caucus. I was able to grab a quick photo with some members of the caucus after we passed a joint resolution in honor of the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment. 

from the desk of Senator Lisa Cutter

This week I sponsored a joint resolution to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment. Several House members introduced a handful of offensive and transphobic amendments to the resolution. It's sad and disheartening to think that any of my colleagues would think that bashing other human beings is the highest form of public service. They were clearly speaking to their base and trying to excite them, but is that really the best way to serve our constituents? 

Hate serves no one. 
This morning I made it into the Capitol parking lot right before the entrance was temporarily shut down by the police to accommodate hundreds of students from East High School descending on the Capitol to demand action on gun violence after the death of their friend and classmate, Luis Garcia.It was a powerful way to start the day. 

Then I was thrilled to see some of my favorite people in the building -- constituents and friends who are a part of Moms Demand Action. I fully and enthusiastically support the common sense measures that are coming up for debate next week. I stand with moms everywhere who want to send their children to school and trust they’re in a safe space. 
Wildfire Investigations: We successfully passed a bill to provide additional resources for fire investigations through committee! Thanks to the Department of Fire Prevention and Control for their support.
Joint Resolution on the ERA Amendment: On the first day of Women's History Month, I was one of the Senate sponsors of the joint resolution to mark the 100 year anniversary of the introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment. I stand with women from all over this country in the quest for equal rights. It’s time to put women in the Constitution.
Former Representative Su Ryden, former Senator Nancy Todd and former Senator Betty Boyd (not pictured here) joined us for the Equal Rights Amendment resolution.
It was so fun to have my minister, Michelle Medrano from Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, give the Senate's morning invocation on Thursday.
I worked with Representative Van Winkle on the marijuana embargo bill. This bill will help protect Coloradoans by allowing the state to embargo and destroy contaminated retail marijuana if the state finds that the health and safety of the public is threatened.
Dino License Plate: My bill to create a license plate featuring our state fossil, the stegosaurus also passed out of committee this week (big week again for legislation!). I look forward to supporting Colorado paleontologists at Dinosaur Ridge (which is in my district) by opting for this cool plate.

Central JeffCo Town Hall @ 9:30am


Will be at the Ben Parker Student Center at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden in Ballroom D/E. The theme will be the environment and what the legislators are doing in that policy area during this session. Parking on weekends is free, so put it on your calendar!
If you can't make it to Golden in person you can also watch via zoom by registering at the link below:
I got to speak to CBS news about my medical debt consumer protection bill.
Radio Interview with KGNU listen here:
I enjoyed discussing my bill to create a uniform minimum building code for construction in the wildland urban interface. 
As many of you know, SNAP benefits are getting dramatically cut this week as pandemic funding levels are cut off. However, both my food pantry grant bill and additional emergency funding from the governor will ease this transition.
Denver Post article I'm quoted in
For more information about the ending of emergency benefits, what families can do, and where to turn to for help, Hunger Free Colorado has made a flyer in both English and Spanish.
Read it Here
Medical Debt: More than 700,000 Coloradans have medical debt. To help mitigate this issue, I am sponsoring a bill SB23-093. My bill increases consumer protections around medical debt in several ways, the business journal wrote an article about it and the other medical debt bill that's currently in the House.
Read it Here
Electric Options in Home Warranties: This bill, which passed out of the Transportation and Energy Committee on Monday, would require that insurance companies allow consumers to chose electric options when replacing gas appliances under home warranties.
Colorado Sun Article
I'm one of the Colorado lawmakers targeting hospital facility fees. Here’s why that’s a big deal:
The issue has to do with facility fees, charges that hospitals bill to insurers and patients to cover their own costs of providing care, separate from what a doctor gets paid. To consumer advocates, these fees too often seem like predatory add-on charges meant to enhance the hospital’s bottom line at the expense of the patient’s pocketbook. The practice of charging facility fees has proliferated in recent years — both in Colorado and nationally — as hospitals acquire once-independent doctor’s offices, open their own off-campus clinics, and increasingly encourage patients to receive treatment in outpatient settings.
Colorado Sun Article
CBS's reporting on it
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