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April 2019

Here's a summary of some of the things that came up in the Dat ecosystem this month.

Dat Berlin - May 19th

Dat is hosting a free public event the day after the Data Terra Nemo conference. There will be recorded and livestreamed short talks by folks in the Dat community, including core developers, followed by food, drinks and self-organized sessions regarding database primitives, networking, developer experience, security, and even WebVR! Read more and sign up to attend the event at Planning for the event was discussed during the recent Dat comm-comm.

Getting Dat to work in new environments

by Georgiy Shibaev

"Current implementations focus on Node.js-based applications, or are being abstracted away with high level APIs in the Beaker Browser. What I worked on as part of the handshake funding was to explore getting these modules to work in new environments outside of Node, namely on mobile devices with React Native, updating the tooling for Dat apps in the non-distributed web, and adding a standard service for storing Dats to the CLI." READ MORE

C++ implementation of Dat in the works

Paolo F. aka @heapwolf has started working on a C++ implementation of Dat with the hopes of making it easier to integrate with mobile projects.

Dat "mounts" are coming

Samsung NEXT funded work to build multiwriter support, led by Andrew Osheroff aka @andrewosh. They are working on a new version of hyperdrive which enables people to "mount" other archives at a given path. This works kind of like Symbolic Links from regular filesystems.

The new networking layer is being polished for release

David Mark Clements has started working on adding tests to the new Hyperswarm networking library. Once Hyperswarm is tested and integrated with the rest of the Dat ecosystem, we should have faster peer lookups, and better NAT hole punching for connecting between peers.

Handle multiple hyper(core/drive) a single swarm

If you're working on a project using Dat, you might have come across performance issues when you're trying to share a bunch of Dats over the network at once. Luckily, Joe Hand has recently updated the Hyperdiscovery module to automatically handle multiple hyperdrives and hypercores on a single swarm. This will be handy for anyone working at the low level, and Joe is working on integrating it with The Node.js Dat API to make it even easier to use.

Patchbay (SSB Client) support for Dat

Anders Rune Jensen from the Secure Scuttlebutt community recently added support for loading files from Dat to the Patchbay SSB client. You can read more about what this means here.

DWeb Camp 2019

Dweb Camp is a four-day event sponsored by the Internet Archive where people interested in the Decentralized Web are going to get together and hack on a local mesh network. READ MORE

Local-first Software

Ink & Switch published an article about the importance of local-first software and it's implications on security and long-term sustainability. READ MORE

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