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August 2019

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Dat support in Patchfox

SoapDog from the secure scuttlebutt community has been working on PatchFox, a Firefox based SSB client that's installed via a web extension.

Recently, he was working on integrating Dat into Patchfox so that one could load and share data through Dat Archives.


Our Networks 2019 Registration

Our Networks is a conference about the past, present, and future of building our own network infrastructures. The event brings together enthusiasts, hardware and software hackers, researchers, organizers and more to collectively explore creative and critical engagements with the Internet and alternative infrastructures. It's going to be going on from the 20th to the 22nd of September.

There's going to be a couple of Dat-related workshops at the event, so if you're living near Toronto or are interested to travel over, make sure to register.



Mix from the SSB community recently whipped up a Dat app which eats Dat mix-tapes. You can make a mix tape by create a Dat archive and putting music files in it (and optionally an image), or use an existing archive.

Then, you open up boom-box and stick the mix-tape in the input. Boom-box will remember mix tapes you've loaded so you can easily listen to them again when you come back to it.


Dat SDK 0.3.0 - Promise API

The Dat SDK has recently gotten a high level promise-based API based on Beaker's DatArchive API. With this you can create applications that seamlessly work across Beaker, regular web browsers, and Node.js.



Edward Silverton put together a Slack bot which enables people to pin archives and access them via an HTTP gateway.


A Hunger Artist - Dat Zine

Zach (%pGuhbPuVFuccPKyQlnzrdDT5OS6p/uubyp2GBu7R8RA=.sha256 on SSB) was looking at the response to the recent funding experiment by Feross and was reminded of a Franz Kafka story which he made into a Zine.


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