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Dat Project Newsletter

June 2019

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Dat Slideshow

Andrew from the Secure Scuttlebutt community put together a presentation application using the Dat APIs in Beaker. Their description: "The idea is to allow people to quickly create a deck of slides that could be shared during or at the end of talks and presentations over the local network. The link below should work in beaker browser whilst I am online so anyone can fork it and create their own presentation with it." Check out the post about it on Secure Scuttlebutt: %JMkASE4Crf6m204yyDmeD2YxtFwfDnVeRM9zA7UFsYE=.sha256 or load it in Beaker directly: dat://7bbc546b3318114cba409c383a1d8dfe4b48081f5cdde7a05e0ab961a3904dcd/


Typescript definition Files for Dat modules

Sam from the Cliqz browser has been working on the dat web extension for Firefox. He recently put together some Typescript definitions for Hypercore and Hyperdrive which you can include in your projects.


Cabal Client Release

Alex from the Cabal community has been working on abstracting some of the common code needed for building clients for Cabal and recently released cabal-client which puts these things together. If you're interested in making decentralized chat apps, this is a great place to start.


OurNetworks 2019

OurNetworks went great with a bunch of cross-pollination between groups and some cool usage of Dat. Here's some links for stuff that happened:

- A Zine got put together and published on Dat
- Gottfried Haider @gohai ran a workshop which got people to create websites using Hotglue which is a graphical site-building tool that runs in Beaker.
- Mauve @RangerMauve ran a workshop about making a geocities-like website using HTML and CSS and publishing it in Beaker


New changes in hypercore wire protocol

Mathias Buus recently posted a blog post with some of the changes they've been making in the hypercore protocol over at Hyperdivision. Check out this twitter thread for some more discussions about it.


Publishing the Cargo registry on Dat

Agent of User has been experimenting with mirroring Rust crates (modules) from (kinda like Rust's version of NPM) through Dat and IPFS. You can help the effort by seeding the Dat archive, or contributing to the effort. dat://91067272f618b28f22c02a6f95089e9ffbf120016d8f1023ad74575bd03d77ca


Do you have cool Dat-related projects or links you'd like to share with the community? Comment on the latest planning issue on Github so we can include it here!
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