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The South Australian Housing Authority is developing a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for our State. The new strategy will be a 10-year plan to reform South Australia's housing system to better respond to current and future housing needs. It will be finalised by the end of 2019. 

We want the voices of as many South Australians as possible to be included in developing the new strategy, to ensure the broadest possible range of experiences and perspectives are considered. Visit yourSAy to make an online submission or provide a comment. New questions and surveys will be added as the engagement progresses, so be sure to register at YourSAy to keep up to date. 

Engagement will close on 31 August 2019. 

The Authority has released its Taskforce Report and Strategic Intent, which outlines a shared vision for housing, homelessness and support in South Australia.

$77 Billion in Tax Cuts to High-Income Earners?!

The Australia Institute have just released the results of their modelling analysis of the Morrison Government's flat tax policy. The analysis shows that high-income earners will receive at least $77 billion from the Government's 10-year income tax package, which reduces the proportion of the overall tax burden shouldered by high-income earners and places it onto low and middle-income earners. According to this budget document from Treasury, the third round of these tax cuts means that a person earning $100,000 will receive a total tax cut of $3,040 per year, and those earning $200,000 or more will receive a total tax cut of $11,640 per year. In comparison, a person earning $50,000 will receive a total tax cut of $1,205 per year, and those earning earning $80,000 will receive a total tax cut of $1,955 per year. The tax cuts will reduce any capacity to fund social housing in the long term.

SA Lagging Behind on No-Cause Evictions

Living in a private rental property is the only housing option available to many South Australians. The demand for private rental properties far exceeds supply and has become increasingly unaffordable especially for people living on low incomes. As a result landlords hold the balance of power over tenants and it is made worse by "no-cause" evictions (also known as "no-grounds" or "no-fault" evictions), which make it legal for landlords to evict their tenants who have done nothing wrong. As a result, tenants are highly susceptible to discrimination and retaliation and have very little security of tenure.

A number of tenant unions and tenant advocates across Australia, in conjunction with major political parties, are currently reviewing the tenancy laws within their jurisdictions and one of the key issues being considered is the removal of no-cause evictions. Shelter SA strongly urges all political parties in South Australia to be more proactive in reviewing our current Residential Tenancies Act and to remove Sections 83 ad 83a of the Act, which enable landlords to terminate a tenancy without specifying any grounds.

Read our Position Statement on the Residential Tenancies Act and find out more about #MakeRentingFair in South Australia.

Adult Safeguarding Policy Develops

Earlier in 2019, Shelter SA made a submission to the Office for Ageing Well in response to their discussion paper on the Ageing and Adult Safeguarding Regulations. It was outlined in the Discussion Paper that the Regulations would only apply to vulnerable people who are 65+ years of age. Our submission drew attention to residents living in Supported Residential Facilities and Rooming Houses who are vulnerable but who are younger than 65 and the need to consider a lower age limit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, if the age limits could not be removed. We were pleased to learn that from 2022, the age limits will be removed and prior to that time, the age for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island peoples has been reduced to 50 years.
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