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The Convicted Felon Who Became the King of Roadside BBQ

In this part of Tennessee, barbecue joints nearly outnumber churches, and there are a lot of churches. It takes more than good barbecue to stand out, and Exit 87 does so largely because of Wadley. He’s been known to post videos on Facebook calling out food critics, saying once, “If they wanna hate on a motherf*cker, I’ma let them hate.”   Men's Journal

Want to Last Longer in the Bedroom?

[Partner]  There's nothing sexy about inability to perform or leaving your partner wanting more when it comes to bedroom performance. We're all grown up enough to talk about it. Modern medicine, and hims, can help. hims connects you with a licensed doctor from the comfort of your own home to get the medical grade products you need to make sure you're ready whenever duty calls. Taken as prescribed to help control your climax, this little tablet could lengthen you and your partner’s sexy time. Even better, you can  try it today starting at just $5!

Can CBD Really Do All That?

How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all.   The New York Times

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ and the State of Leading Man Style

The film’s nostalgic premise is so potent, it seemed, that even its premiere played along—not least the men of the evening, the film’s stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. (Tarantino, too, got his own star turn.) In pristine tuxedos, pulling their sunglasses on and off, they formed a Mount Rushmore of Hollywood machismo.   GQ

How Dodge City Became the Ultimate Wild West

Fake news and smoking guns made the Kansas town a symbol of frontier lawlessness.   The Saturday Evening Post


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