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A Zen Master Explains How to Walk More Mindfully—Without Looking like a Weirdo

We’re not aware of it, but our minds are racing all the time. By simply linking your breath to the steps you take, you become aware of the wholeness of the moment, according to Thich That Hanh.   Quartz
 P U R S U E 

The Switchboard

[Shop]  The coat rack is a necessary part of any entryway, but the functionality can get bogged down in all the coats, hats, scarves and bags that inevitably get stacked on each of the rungs or hooks. You won't have that problem with The Switchboard coat rack. The 30" long triangular rack includes 25 triangular wood hooks that rest against the wall until you fold them down to hold each of your daily items you don't need for the moment. Made from beech wood, Switchboard is as stylish as it is functional.   Shop Cool Material
 B O D Y 

Does CBD Oil Really Help Anxiety?

The scientific studies say CBD can help with anxiety, pain, acne, sleep – and while we may not be taking huge doses, the general consensus among the people I know who’ve taken it is that it makes you feel ‘mellow’. What’s not to like about that?    Dazed
 M O V E 

5 Quick Metrics to Measure Your Heart Health

Here we will discuss a few non-intrusive (as well as easy to perform methods) and corresponding metrics that if tracked regularly can give very early warning signs of potential cardiovascular diseases.   Forbes
 G R E A T   R E A D 

The Secrets of an Aging Athlete

To discuss this idea of aging graceful in more detail, I asked my friend Brad Kearns to join me on the Get-Fit Guy podcast. Brad has managed to stay fit enough to recently set a Speedgolfing World Record some 20+ years after he retired from being a professional triathlete. Here are his 4 essential tips to maintain your fitness and allow you to continue to perform at your best as you age.   Quick and Dirty Tips
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