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Aliens Under the Ice - Life on Rogue Planets

Fundrise is the sleekest & most efficient way to invest in real estate in 2019

[Partner]  Fundrise has taken one of the oldest kind of investing — real estate — and revolutionized it. The idea is simple: you should be able to invest in the kinds of excellent real estate just as easily as you invest in stocks. Cut out the middle men. Lower costs. Impossible? Not with Fundrise. This isn't just real estate investing online. It’s real estate investing that features institutional-quality assets, portfolios diversified across 100+ properties, and a team with over $2.4 billion in real estate experience, all via a cutting edge platform. If you’re sick of the volatile stock market, it might be time to finally get into real estate.

Porsche Top 5 Series: Secret Prototypes

2018 in Movies

A Trip Through Paris in the Late 1890s


Night in the Life of a Bouncer on New Years Eve


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