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Inside the Recording of Run-DMC and Aerosmith's Genre-Bending 'Walk This Way'

Released in 1986, the mashup—itself a foreign concept at the time—was the brainchild of a young producer named Rick Rubin. The now seminal studio wiz offered Tyler and Perry, then both consumed by their various addictions and rattled by a diminishing profile, $8,000 to show up to a recording session in Manhattan that March with the buzzy underground act. The rest is, as they say, history, and the song is a genre-busting track that bore our first rap superstars and fundamentally altered the musical landscape forever.   Esquire

Good Cigar Co. Is Your Personal Cigar Concierge

[Partner]  Whether it's for a celebration or to unwind after a long day, we love the occasional cigar. But honestly, we don't want to deal with the humidor maintenance, the lost cutter, or the thousands of options at the local shop. Good Cigar Company makes that a thing of the past. Good Cigar Packs include two sticks, a cutter, matches and tasting notes that are delivered in a package that will maintain perfect conditions for six months. For the aficionado, they offer The Backroom, an intelligent subscription service delivering 3+ individually curated cigars each month.   Good Cigar Company

Why Is It Harder to Change Our Bad Habits as We Get Older?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe old dogs don’t need to be taught anything. Maybe our worst habits will just phase themselves out as we get older, the same way our cognitive abilities begin to sputter to a halt. It’s a nice idea, at least the part about the bad habits.   MEL Magazine

How the Chateau Marmont Became Hollywood’s Glorious, Decadent Hideaway

As the ultimate movie-colony clubhouse turns 90, Mark Rozzo prowls among the bungalows and crannies off Sunset Boulevard where mega-stars and ne’er-do-wells, from Garbo and Harlow to Lindsay and Britney, have whiled away nearly a century of enchanted evenings.   Vanity Fair

Neo’s Stunt Guy Chad Stahelski on How The Matrix Changed Movie Action Forever

But The Matrix showed that a fight sequence could be graceful and surprising, as well as tell a story. Even the nascent superhero-movie genre, which would soon become dominant, took a big page out of the Wachowskis’ playbook.   Vulture


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