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Proper Breathing Brings Better Health

Breathing is so central to life that it is no wonder humankind long ago noted its value not only to survival but to the functioning of the body and mind and began controlling it to improve well-being.   Scientific American
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Ultimate Survival Kit

[Shop]  Loaded with over 20 items that could mean the difference between life and death, it would be foolish to go it alone. Keep the Ultimate Survival Kit in your camping bag or in your glove box and you’ll always be prepared should disaster strike. This kit will satisfy the prepper in you, as it includes everything from a night light to salt sachets and water tablets, and offers a bevy of items that each have dozens of uses. You may never have to use it, but should a time come when you do, you’ll be happy you nestled one away for worst-case scenarios.   Shop Cool Material
 B O D Y 

It’s Cheaper to Eat Healthy — 6 Ways to Do It

The Independent points out that, in the long run, cheap foods aren’t so inexpensive after all. Pound for pound, penny for penny, when you measure quality and quantity, it actually costs less to eat healthy than it does to grab those to-go foods. Here are six ways to eat healthy for less.   Mercola
 M O V E 

A Beginner's Guide to Resistance Training

For all the changes to fitness in recent years, one thing remains constant: You have to move against more than air if you want to get your body to grow. And any exercise movement that places you against a resistive force is considered resistance training. Not sure where to start with it? We’ve got you covered in this resistance training primer.   Men's Health
 G R E A T   R E A D 

5 Science-Backed Solutions for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you feel overwhelmed trying to build a healthier life for yourself, stop stressing. You can perform the simplest tasks and still create a more active, flourishing life. Plus, executing such small activities can put you on a path toward accomplishing your larger health and fitness goals. Try incorporating these easy actions into your daily life and you should begin noticing encouraging changes.   MyFitnessPal
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