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What Bruce Springsteen Taught Me About Being a Good Man

In trying to figure out what masculinity has meant for so many American men and what it should mean for myself and my own teenaged son, I've gained insight from a surprising source: Bruce Springsteen.   The Week

The Sportsletter Delivers the Daily Sports News You Want Right to Your Inbox

[Partner]  There just aren't enough hours in the day to be glued to the television or social media following everything going on in sports. That's where The Sportsletter daily newsletter comes in. They sift through the noise to curate and remix all the daily sports news you want and deliver it to your inbox as an entertaining 3-4 minute read at 7:00 am ET every weekday. In addition to the time savings, they also give away tickets and autographed gear every few weeks. Since you can unsubscribe anytime, there's no reason not to sign up.   The Sportsletter

The 30 Essential Coffee-Table Books of 2018

They exist not to be read, but rather to comment favorably on the good tastes of their owner. But the coffee-table book is also a time capsule of the era that bore it. Flip to the title page, locate the publishing date, and you’ll have a window into the things people valued in that moment: what they ate, where they lived, how they dressed.   InsideHook

How Will Rock and Roll Find Its Future?

Advances in rock and roll come in spurts; sometimes it lurches into the future with style and purpose, and sometimes it thrashes around, treading water until the next wave hits. This year, rock and roll seems bored with itself. The most successful acts of the past few years have been bands bristling at the boundaries of the guitar, bass, and drums setup.   Vulture

Malcolm Gladwell on the Music of His Life

The 55-year-old author, podcaster, and all-around brilliant guy talks about the songs and artists that have meant the most to him—Willie Nelson, Brian Eno, Kanye West—five years at a time.   Pitchfork


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